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Recent Loadouts

Ship Title Ship Class Race
[SoloPvP] Poor Man's Slicer  - Beam Executioner
[SoloPvP] Poor Man's Sl Executioner Standard Frigates Amarr
Noob-Merlin:  Simple
Noob- Simple Merlin Standard Frigates Caldari
Astero: Wormhole data/relic exploration C1/C2/C3
Wormhole data/relic explora Astero Faction Frigates Gallente
Guristas Rokh
Guristas Rokh Rokh Standard Battleships Caldari

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Eve Tools

BattleClinic loadout creator for EVE Online BattleClinic loadout creator for EVE Online Create & share your ship fittings for EVE Online.
Browse public loadouts Browse public loadouts Browse our extensive library of loadouts submited by players and experts.
BattleClinic gang creator for EVE Online BattleClinic gang creator for EVE Online Create & share your gangs for EVE Online.
Browse gangs Browse gangs Browse our library of gangs submited by players and experts.
BattleClinic Killboard Killboard The oldest, largest & most comprehensive killboard for eve.
Market uploader Market uploader Automatically upload your market data to BattleClinic to help 3rd party applications have a reliable and accurate source of pricing information.
Help your favourite app today!
Instructions for use.
Market browser Market browser Market history browser.
Engagements Engagements View engagements on any day in eves history
Engagement history Engagement history View the engagement history of two entities.
Planetary network tracker Planetary network tracker Manage your planetary interaction.
Moon materials Moon materials See what other pilots have discovered on EVE Onlines moons.
Engagements Engagements Find battles
API key lottery API key lottery API key lottery, try your luck!
BattleClinic EVE Online new player guide BattleClinic new player guide to EVE Online The best starting guide for new EVE Online players.
NPC mission guides EVE NPC Mmission guides A guide to every mission:
Agent browser Agent browser A browseable database of all the agents in eve.
Signature wizard Signature wizard Create your forum signature.
Browse EVE Online item database Browse item database Browse the items in CCPs offical database export, what goodies can you discover?
Compare items Compare EVE items Comparison of multiple items has never been so simple.
EVE Calculator collection EVE Calculator collection A collection of calculators:
Manufacturing tool Manufacturing tool Ever wanted to know the build price of something?
Ore and Compression tool Ore and compression tool Need to know how many minerals you will get from your mining? Or whats the most efficient item for mineral compression?
Route finder Route finder Need to know how many jumps away something is, or what systems you will pass through, or even how to avoid a certain system?
Soverignity finder Soverignity finder Need to find some nearby system to jump to?
EVE system choke points EVE system choke points Need to find out the best place to camp?
EVE Online quick key mapping sheet EVE Online quick key mapping sheet Guide to key mappings.
Orbit items Universe browser Location stations, Asteroid belts, Ice fields and more!
Stacking penalty guide Stacking penalty guide Written by the legendary Aenigma.
EVEMon EVEMon THE character manager for eve online.
EVEHQ EVEHQ Swiss army knife for eve.