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Ship Title Ship Class Race
Myrmidon: Fleet Boost
Fleet Boost Myrmidon Standard Battlecruisers Gallente
Megathron - Megathron
Megathron - Megathron Megathron Standard Battleships Gallente
Vexor Navy Issue - VNI Gurista Ratting
Vexor Navy Issue - VNI Guris Vexor Navy Issue Faction Cruisers Gallente
Rattlesnake: Angel Null Anom runner
Angel Null Anom runner Rattlesnake Faction Battleships Caldari

Shop: Deep Space Supply

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Manufacturing tool


New print

BPO & Character skill details
Name: Abaddon Blueprint
Industry: Production efficiency:
Sell price: ISK
Material requirement
Units per run: 1
Build Time: 4 hours 48 minutes
Runs per Day: 5
Units per Day: 5
Item Quantity Value Total Volume
Isogen 253,305 124.42 31,516,208.10 2,533.05m3
Megacyte 4,368 1,392.00 6,080,256.00 43.68m3
Mexallon 928,850 47.70 44,306,145.00 9,288.50m3
Nocxium 63,414 663.74 42,090,408.36 634.14m3
Pyerite 4,056,130 11.24 45,590,901.20 40,561.30m3
Tritanium 16,228,290 5.97 96,882,891.30 162,282.90m3
Zydrine 9,867 605.51 5,974,567.17 98.67m3
Total: 272,441,377.13 215,442m3  
Build Cost: 272,441,377.13 ISK
Sell Price: 209,040,000.00 ISK
Profit per Unit: -63,401,377.13 ISK/Unit
Profit per Day: -317,006,885.65 ISK
Total profit: -63,401,377.13 ISK