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Ship Title Ship Class Race
Wormy Worm Faction Frigates Caldari
Tristan: Sniffles-PvP_Neut
Sniffles-PvP_Neut Tristan Standard Frigates Gallente
Myrmidon: Sentry Drone Mrymidon
Sentry Drone Mrymidon Myrmidon Standard Battlecruisers Gallente
Machariel Armour Overdrive
Machariel Armour Overdrive Machariel Faction Battleships Minmatar

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Manufacturing tool


New print

BPO & Character skill details
Name: Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer Blueprint
Industry: Production efficiency:
Sell price: ISK
Material requirement
Units per run: 1
Build Time: 9 minutes 36 seconds
Runs per Day: 150
Units per Day: 150
Item Quantity Value Total Volume
Isogen 4 133.00 532.00 0.04m3
Mexallon 606 48.50 29,391.00 6.06m3
Pyerite 575 12.43 7,147.25 5.75m3
Tritanium 905 5.12 4,633.60 9.05m3
Zydrine 3 720.00 2,160.00 0.03m3
Total: 43,863.85 21m3  
Build Cost: 43,863.85 ISK
Sell Price: 54,500,000.00 ISK
Profit per Unit: 54,456,136.15 ISK/Unit
Profit per Day: 8,168,420,422.50 ISK
Total profit: 54,456,136.15 ISK