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Loadout: exploration imicus

exploration imicus

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Ship fitting - Built on January 10, 2008

Imicus, 437,790 ISK
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Core Probe Launcher I
Data Analyzer I
Relic Analyzer I
Damage Control I
Photonic CPU Enhancer I
Radar Quest Probe, 8,000 ISK
Hobgoblin II, 408,887 ISK
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Trinity 1.0.1
18th December 2007
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2. Click EVEHQ Fitter Button, left side >  Options >  General >  Fitting Protocol >Enable

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[Imicus, exploration imicus]
Damage Control I
Photonic CPU Enhancer I

Data Analyzer I
Relic Analyzer I

Core Probe Launcher I


Hobgoblin II
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Imicus, 437,790 ISK
Estimated total value: 998,895 ISK
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Item Eve-Central Build cost
Imicus 415,000 527,802
Core Probe Launcher I
Core Probe Launcher I 21,900 13,730
Data Analyzer I
Data Analyzer I 49,993 41,156
Relic Analyzer I
Relic Analyzer I 44,944 41,156
Damage Control I
Damage Control I 11,500 9,800
Photonic CPU Enhancer I
Photonic CPU Enhancer I 21,222 N/A

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Stats assume all skills at V. Use EVEHQ for detailed combat simulations.

This feature is currently in Beta.

Targeting Maximum targets 4
Maximum targeting range 43750 m
Scan resolution 562.5 mm
Sensor strength 0 0 11 0
Size/Movement Max velocity 412.5
Inertia modifier 2.80125
Signature radius 41 m
Cargo capacity 400 m3
Systems Capacitor capacity 337.5 GJ
Capacitor recharge time 1 minutes 52 seconds
Powergrid 5 / 26.25 MW
CPU 80 / 338.75 tf
Shields Shield capacity 343.75
Shield recharge time 7 minutes 48 seconds
Shield resistances 7.5% 53.75% 44.5% 26%
Armor Armor hit points 406.25
Armor resistances 55% 19% 41.5% 41.5%
Structure Structure hit points 343.75
Structure resistances 50% 50% 50% 50%
Drones Drone capacity 40 m3
Drone bandwidth 20 Mbit/sec
Drone control range 0 m
How to fund this loadout with PLEX:

Current estimated total value, ISK: 998,895
Sell this many PLEX* to fund: 1
Convert this many ETC to PLEX: 1 Purchase ETC here

*You may only sell PLEX for ISK via the CCP Secure Transfer Method
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couldn't find an imicus for exploration and i am trying to get started at it.  any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • February 05, 2008, 12:49:01 pm

    Member 5th Class
    Reputation: 0
    Lucatur has no influence.

    I'm getting started in exploring/probes as well.  The Imicus is attractive because of the Astrometrics bonus and enough CPU to actually fit a probe launcher.  Unfortunately from what I've read when you find a archeology/hacking site, there are usually either rats present, or rats that spawn when you try to access a container.  Because the imicus probably can't effectively probe and fight (and rats bigger than 1 or 2 frigs would be a problem anyway), the strategy seems to be a) find the site with your scout ship, b) bookmark it, c) go swap to a combat ship fitted with codebreaker/analyzer to kill rats and loot the site.

    Your tech2 drones may be enough for the combat you'll encounter... just not sure.  Dropping the looting gear would also allow you to fit a cloaking device, however.  Nice for passing the scan times more safely in lowsec (can be very long).
  • May 08, 2012, 05:47:35 am

    Member 5th Class
    Reputation: 1
    drivenbyart has no influence.

    If you're using a core probe launcher, you can fit a cloak without the CPU upgrade. In 0.8 space, my tech 1 drones have been able to handle the rats, albeit slowly. My new plan is to carry combat modules (75mm railguns, adaptive nano plating) in the cargo bay and just switch my fitting in a nearby station depending on the site. This way, I would have a salvager, analyzer, and codebreaker on hand. Sites in lower security space might still need a bigger ship to clear out, idk.