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Not really difficult to figure out what to put on an orca- it only has two uses, helping mining ops and moving around rigged ships.

Thanks for posting it on Battleclinic.
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Excellent fit, infomations very useful. Im training for orca i'll use this fit. +1.
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Whats the Tractor beam for?
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The Orca has a role bonus for tractor beams.

250% Bonus to tractor beam range.
100% Bonus to tractor beam velocity.

The trator beam would be used for tractoring jetcans!
Tares Die
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I am operating an orca but even though i am squad leader i dont seem to be able to give any bonous to anyone in my fleet. in the fleet window bonous tick stays red. what skills do u have that enable this to function?
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The Orca itself doesnt provide bonuses, It gives Bonuses for the link modules.

To give out squad bonuses, youll need to have a squad commander, and a squad booster (default squad booster is the comander). In order to actually hand out bonuses you'll need to have members in your squad.

The bonuses you'll give them are the bonuses for any links your running, and ANY and ALL leadership skills you have trained.
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Tares Die,

 If you are flying the orca you already have the minimum skills to be able to act as a squad commander (Leadership one).

The fleet must be configured so that the people in command positions have the appropriate skill levels for those positions.

Generally, when you form the fleet, the creator is made "fleet commander" by default. However, in order to give bonuses as a fleet commander you need at least fleet command 1, which requires wing command v, which requires leadership v.

You don't need a fleet commander however. At minimum you just need a squad commander. So at absolute minimum you need to put a person into squad commander position and then put everyone else in as a squad member. It doesn't matter where you put the "boss," a boss can be in any position and they will stay boss of the whole fleet.

The squad commander needs to have the necessary level of the leadership skill to lead the number of pilots in the squad. At level V the leadership skill allows the squad commander to have 10 pilots in their squad. This is also the max number of people allow to a squad.

More then 10 members will require multiple squads. If there are multiple squads you will need someone with the wing command skill in the wing commander position, and they will have the have it at a level equal to the amount of squads you want to have. So you need level 2 for two squads.

Once the squad is laid out properly, and the necessary commanders are in the same system, you will see a green check mark next to the fleet box, as opposed to a red x. That means your fleet is giving bonuses. Then you can set a specific person as a squad booster.

The person with the gang link mods doesn't need to be a squad commander or wing commander to give bonuses, but they do need to be set as a squad or wing booster. The default boosters are the commanders. So they squad commander is the default booster for the squad. You need to first revoke his booster by right-clicking his name and click the option on the menu. Then you right-click the person with the gang link mods and set them as the squad booster.

Otherwise you can just have the person with gang link mods be the squad commander or wing commander, assuming they have the necessary skills to be in that position.

If anyone's skills do not match their position you will get a red X and no bonuses will be given. Squad members in different systems will not get bonuses.

Hope this helps.
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again thanks for the skill set in combo with the hulk fit. +1
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It's possible to get this fit with:
2x Large Cargohold Optimization II
1x Large Cargohold Optimization I

and instead of the DC II another EC II for maximum cargo capacity.

Especially when operating in Hi-Sec you won't need much of a tank anyway. And if a suicide-gank squad wants your ass they will get it anyway.
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great fit, great combo with the hulk. Love the fact you give skillset as well, it gives me something to add to evemon :) Thanx will be using both setups for my team.
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You can slightly upgrade the EHP by replacing the 2nd Large Shield Extender II with a third Invulnerability Field II, would still be cap stable too.
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Works a treat, ty for posting
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+1.....thank you for the excellent fit and skill set question though.since there arent any stacking bonuses for the foreman links,why not use 3 of the  Laser Optimization links?wouldnt that make a huge difference?
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The orca allows you to run multiple links at the same time but these must be of different types for the bonuses to be applied. Several links of the same type don't stack.

Hope that answers your question.
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thank you
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perhaps you will make a hulk-rorqual set?
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This is my Rorqual fit:

[Rorqual, Rorqual]

2x True Sansha Heavy Energy Neutralizer
Clone Vat Bay I
Industrial Core I
Mining Foreman Link - Laser Optimization II
Mining Foreman Link - Mining Laser Field Enhancement II

Capital Shield Booster I
2x Shield Boost Amplifier II
Photon Scattering Field II
Heat Dissipation Field II
2x Invulnerability Field II

Damage Control II
2x Expanded Cargohold II

3x Large Cargohold Optimization I

5x Warden II
5x Warrior II
5x Hornet EC-300
5x Garde II


I wouldnt recomend using this in belts! Use at a pos to boost fleet, crunch the ores and take advantage of the clone bay abilities.

Recommended hulk fit to field:

Tank (skills at lvl 5)

Effective HP: 1,038,692 (Eve: 956,119)
Tank Ability: 5,627.18 DPS
Damage Profile - <Omni-Damage> (EM: 25.00%, Ex: 25.00%, Ki: 25.00%, Th: 25.00%)
Shield Resists - EM: 75.87%, Ex: 77.36%, Ki: 72.83%, Th: 80.70%
Armor Resists - EM: 57.50%, Ex: 23.50%, Ki: 44.75%, Th: 44.75%

Capacitor (Lasts 5m) Every thing running. Biuld is stable without capitol shield running.

Tank is emergency only! Dont get caught in situs where youll need it!

Skills needed for max yield:

Warfare link specialist 5.
Capitol Industrial ships 5.
Mining director 5.
Mining foreman 5.

Implants needed for max yield:

Mining foreman mindlink

This should start you on the road to max yield with the rorqual. Good luck. :)

Orca max yield Team (HULK - ORCA)

Surtac's Orca built 2010-07-14

2 Loadouts
28 0
There are no similar loadouts
Mining Foreman Link - Mining Laser Field Enhancement I
Mining Foreman Link - Laser Optimization I
Small Tractor Beam I
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II
Expanded Cargohold II
Damage Control II
Large Cargohold Optimization I
Large Cargohold Optimization I
Large Cargohold Optimization I

This Orca is designed to be used inconjunction with the Hulk max yield team (HULK - ORCA) set up to achieve max yield.

Orca pilot is Squad leader.


Tank is shield buffer (Shield EHP 53.3k).


Warfare link specialist 5 (50% per gang link mod).
Industrial command ship 5 (15% per gang link mod).
Mining director 5 (400% per gang link mod).
Mining foreman 5 (10% to yield).


Mining Foreman Mindlink (50% per gang mod, replaces mining forman with 15% to yield).


Maximum targets 5
Maximum targeting range 75 km
Scan resolution 93.75
Sensor strength 0 0 15 0


Maximum velocity 61.5
Inertia modifier 0.108
Signature radius 600 m
Cargo capacity 58173.47 m3


Capacitor capacity 5250 GJ
Capacitor recharge time 10 minutes
Powergrid 450 / 1200MW
CPU 328 / 537.5 tf


Shield capacity 19937.5
Shield recharge time 26 minutes 15 seconds
Shield resistances 54.72% 77.36% 72.83% 63.78%


Armor hit points 7394.86
Armor resistances 57.5% 23.5% 44.75% 44.75%


Structure hit points 44275
Structure resistances 60% 60% 60% 60%
Drone bandwidth 50 Mbit/sec
Drone control range 0 m


Drone capacity 75 m3
Download EVEMon Skill Plan
[Orca, Orca max yield Team (HULK - ORCA)]
Expanded Cargohold II
Damage Control II

Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II

Mining Foreman Link - Mining Laser Field Enhancement I
Mining Foreman Link - Laser Optimization I
Small Tractor Beam I

Large Cargohold Optimization I
Large Cargohold Optimization I
Large Cargohold Optimization I

Hammerhead II
Mining Drone II
Item Quantity Value
Orca 1 625,015,000
Expanded Cargohold II 1 450,000
Damage Control II 1 501,090
Hammerhead II 1 725,965
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II 2 1,728,000
Large Shield Extender II 2 880,000
Mining Drone II 1 525,000
Mining Foreman Link - Mining Laser Field Enhancement I 1 150,004
Mining Foreman Link - Laser Optimization I 1 252,001
Small Tractor Beam I 1 1,700,000
Large Cargohold Optimization I 3 5,695,000
Total 651,620,060
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