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Looks good, maybe toss the rigs for cost effective purposes and maybe something light and cheap in the mids for rat tanking if it becomes a problem.
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Not much fits in the mids unfortunately due to cpu concerns.. you could possibly throw in a small extender. Although this would require training mining upgrades V... 10+ days for a very minor tank boost doesnt seem to be the wisest cource of action for me. (especially when the rats arn't a problem anyway)

The rigs are the whole point! Being able to fit 2 cycles in your cargohold is total GOLD... it means only having to tab back to your eve screen half as often.
The cargohold opti II rigs are only about 100 mil atm... the rest is just pocket change.
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You could fit some civvy shield boosters? =P

Nice fit. Well argued. +1
Reawi Darkfly
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Civilian Shield Boosters are actually a good idea, with Mining Upgrades 4 you can fit 3 and permarun them without problem. Almost doubles your defence, thus gives your light drones more time to deal with them pesky rats.
Been wondering if the Mack could work with 2 IHUs, and this convinced me that it can. Very reasonable High-Sec fit.
Althaia Xylona
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I am using this setup and although your idea is perfect (as I want a high ice yield and some more AFK time) the way it works out is a bit annoying, as after the second cycle ends (and I have 8 ice blocks in my cargo hold) this is what CCP tells me: "Ice Harvester II deactivates. Your cargo hold is full and cannot hold any more ore, so loading algorithms have deactivated the Ice Harvester II before it becomes overloaded."

One Ice Harvester II keeps mining but the second really does stop, even before the cargo hold is really full (I still have 280 m3 free). I can turn it on while I unload the ice to a jetcan for my hauler, but the point of training for the T2 rig was to be able to stay away from the keyboard about 15 minutes if I wanted to, and not having to turn on a harvester after every 2nd cycle. This looks like a bug to me, so it is not your fault, but I though I'd mention it here for those who are about to train for this fit.
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This loadout is screaming efficiency for high sec, i can agree with that. I can make the t2 rigs fairly cheap but i'm kind of leaning on not using 100mil on a ship made just to fuel my PoS but the lazyness in me is pulling towards trying it.. +1 for pure efficiency

Mackinaw: Sensible fit! - 2x IHU

Ice Harvester II
Ice Harvester II
Ice Harvester Upgrade II
Ice Harvester Upgrade II
Medium Cargohold Optimization I
Medium Cargohold Optimization II
Pretty simple mac fit

Want to maximise the amount of ice you mine so 2x IHU is a given...
Im not entirely sure where this preconception that you cant fit 2x IHU without implants comes from but... its wrong (maby a bug in one of the fitting tools people love to play with... or a patch change in the past). This fits with mining upgrades IV trained. (V seems like a waste of time to me)

Now that the rig prices have come down to 'reasonable' levels (thank god), it is actually feasable to use t2 rigs. With one T2 rig and one T1 rig it gives you a cargohold of 8280, enough for 2 cycles, which means you have longer before you have to tab back from your movie, book, porn, whatever it is you do to get you through the tedium of ice mining.

Using two t1 rigs wont be enough to fit 2 cycles so no point other than wasting money.
Using two t2 rigs wont give you enough to fit another block of ice... so again, no point.

Rats in the belts will not kill you. There's no ice mining drones so you might as well throw out some cheapy t1 light drones, they will pop anything that decides to come play with you...
If you position youself smartly in the ice fields then this will not be a problem anyway.

As for suicide ganks... yes it happens.
It does not happen very often... unless you annoy someone...
If someone REALLY wants to suicide gank you then a booster, hardener, extender etc.. will not stop them... Throwing a 30mil faction booster on will simply mean you loose a 30 mil faction booster as well when someone decides to gank you...


Maximum targets 6
Maximum targeting range 37.5 km
Scan resolution 687.5
Sensor strength 0 0 13 0


Maximum velocity 112.5
Inertia modifier 0.44466
Signature radius 250 m
Cargo capacity 621 m3


Capacitor capacity 625 GJ
Capacitor recharge time 2 minutes 20 seconds
Powergrid 22 / 43.75MW
CPU 212 / 337.5 tf


Shield capacity 3750
Shield recharge time 18 minutes 45 seconds
Shield resistances 0% 50% 40% 20%


Armor hit points 2594.69
Armor resistances 60% 10% 25% 35%


Structure hit points 3375
Structure resistances 0% 0% 0% 0%
Drone bandwidth 50 Mbit/sec
Drone control range 0 m


Drone capacity 50 m3
Download EVEMon Skill Plan
[Mackinaw, Mackinaw: Sensible fit! - 2x IHU]
Ice Harvester Upgrade II
Ice Harvester Upgrade II


Ice Harvester II
Ice Harvester II

Medium Cargohold Optimization I
Medium Cargohold Optimization II

Hobgoblin I
Item Quantity Value
Mackinaw 1 196,500,000
Hobgoblin I 1 734
Ice Harvester II 2 4,055,000
Ice Harvester Upgrade II 2 750,000
Medium Cargohold Optimization I 1 1,318,610
Medium Cargohold Optimization II 1 15,750,000
Total 223,179,344
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