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Recent Loadouts

Ship Title Ship Class Race
Atron: Low/Null sec travel (Full T2 fit)
Low/Null sec travel (Full T Atron Standard Frigates Gallente
Nereus - Low/Null Hauler
Nereus - Low/Null Hauler Nereus Standard Industrial Ships Gallente
Manticore: Solo bomber (need advises)
Solo bomber (need advises) Manticore Covert Ops Caldari
Explorer Astero
Explorer Astero Astero Faction Frigates Gallente

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Recent kills

Ship Victim Killer Location Date
Slap Hapi's - Capsule
Slap Hapi Dr Suture V-3YG7 Today at 03:01:10 pm
epy 09's - Crow
epy 09 millsy4606 TVN-FM Today at 03:01:00 pm
Ryno Orth's - Kestrel
Ryno Orth JoseMax Kuna V-3YG7 Today at 03:01:00 pm
Esker Shreeve's - Imperial Navy Slicer
Esker Shreeve Iredude Josameto Today at 03:01:00 pm
Sunny Vaille's - Inner Zone Shipping Imicus
Sunny Vaille CALPEPE V-3YG7 Today at 02:59:00 pm
Yankunytjatjara's - Corax
Yankunytjatjara Peter Muztagh Josameto Today at 02:59:00 pm
Canador Coriano's - Atron
Canador Coriano JoseMax Kuna V-3YG7 Today at 02:59:00 pm
timme69's - Sentinel
timme69 Yankunytjatjara Josameto Today at 02:59:00 pm
Thane Artrald's - Stiletto
Thane Artrald rooie duvel Dodixie Today at 02:59:00 pm
John Sebastian Brook's - Capsule
John Sebastian Brook JoseMax Kuna V-3YG7 Today at 02:58:10 pm
Petrus Magnus's - Capsule
Petrus Magnus Iluthien QHH-13 Today at 02:58:10 pm
Bacon Eye's - Capsule
Bacon Eye YaTaMaN Tama Today at 02:58:10 pm
John Sebastian Brook's - Magnate
John Sebastian Brook Artorius Pearson V-3YG7 Today at 02:57:00 pm
Ronga Dosloe's - Scythe
Ronga Dosloe SmarncaV2 Tama Today at 02:56:00 pm
Thyr Cadelanne's - Probe
Thyr Cadelanne CALPEPE V-3YG7 Today at 02:55:00 pm
Nimbo Slice's - Heron
Nimbo Slice CALPEPE V-3YG7 Today at 02:55:00 pm
n0rman's - Purifier
n0rman JoseMax Kuna V-3YG7 Today at 02:55:00 pm
NamretsO Ormand's - Capsule
NamretsO Ormand Misa Okanata 8G-MQV Today at 02:54:10 pm
BrazoriaBear BastardChild's - Capsule
BrazoriaBear BastardChild Morphej VOL-MI Today at 02:53:10 pm
NamretsO Ormand's - Drake
NamretsO Ormand Miss Teri 8G-MQV Today at 02:53:00 pm
C3ph45's - Thrasher
C3ph45 Charley Talleyrand Akidagi Today at 02:53:00 pm
Maj Ling's - Tornado
Maj Ling Celestis 234 TVN-FM Today at 02:53:00 pm
Sebastian R's - Ares
Sebastian R Yavkome X-M2LR Today at 02:52:00 pm
BrazoriaBear BastardChild's - Reaper
BrazoriaBear BastardChild Morphej VOL-MI Today at 02:52:00 pm
Throdan's - Incursus
Throdan Rose Valora Josameto Today at 02:52:00 pm
Leonard Merrill's - Caldari Encounter Surveillance System
Leonard Merrill Smuggo Smuggins W-UQA5 Today at 02:52:00 pm
JONI ADAMA's - Capsule
JONI ADAMA Ophelia Auroradottir TVN-FM Today at 02:51:10 pm
FU 2's - Condor
FU 2 Maia Grivas Otela Today at 02:51:00 pm
JONI ADAMA's - Stiletto
JONI ADAMA 3xorcistForYou TVN-FM Today at 02:51:00 pm
Padrone's - Capsule
Padrone Odin Valknir TVN-FM Today at 02:50:10 pm