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Recent Loadouts

Ship Title Ship Class Race
LR Thorax
LR Thorax Thorax Standard Cruisers Gallente
Scimitar Scimitar Logistics Minmatar
Machariel Machariel Faction Battleships Minmatar
Sarum Magnate Explorer. High-sec
Sarum Magnate Explorer. High Sarum Magnate Special Edition Ships Amarr

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Recent kills

Ship Victim Killer Location Date
Thom Grimmar's - Vagabond
Thom Grimmar G Genetic IPAY-2 Today at 10:31:00 am
Sumo Power's - Capsule
Sumo Power Rainis Rotheran Uedama Today at 10:30:10 am
Sumo Power's - Ibis
Sumo Power Rainis Rotheran Uedama Today at 10:30:00 am
Noah Reace's - Mobile Tractor Unit
Noah Reace MasL Y-N4EF Today at 10:29:00 am
Minoko Ayname's - Retriever
Minoko Ayname Branigan Zapp Sadana Today at 10:28:00 am
Fodey Sudzu's - Heron
Fodey Sudzu Deimos Bratva HM-UVD Today at 10:27:00 am
Jssippi's - Capsule
Jssippi Rainis Rotheran Sivala Today at 10:26:10 am
Cybus Max's - Capsule
Cybus Max Nikolai4 Agoze Today at 10:25:10 am
Melchia Owiiowii's - Capsule
Melchia Owiiowii YangSham Po Jita Today at 10:25:10 am
Salael Suzuki's - Crow
Salael Suzuki Branigan Zapp Sadana Today at 10:25:00 am
Arkyns's - Proteus
Arkyns ILAST I Agoze Today at 10:25:00 am
Abel Lafisques's - Capsule
Abel Lafisques Aliosis II Litom Today at 10:24:10 am
Nikwan's - Tengu
Nikwan HenryEx8th X Shalne Today at 10:24:00 am
olmander's - Harpy
olmander Calhdazar Zorm Akidagi Today at 10:24:00 am
Eva Farrelle's - Capsule
Eva Farrelle Piir8 Tama Today at 10:23:10 am
Abel Lafisques's - Velator
Abel Lafisques Draciste Litom Today at 10:23:00 am
iam Inevitable thegodfrey's - Catalyst
iam Inevitable thegodfrey Dii minores Tama Today at 10:23:00 am
Dalloric Ambrye's - Capsule
Dalloric Ambrye bobba fhett P3EN-E Today at 10:22:10 am
Morpho Jafaden's - Venture
Morpho Jafaden Jumanji21 Basgerin Today at 10:22:00 am
Namiken's - Hurricane
Namiken Urban Strike Tama Today at 10:22:00 am
Smegmeister's - Vigilant
Smegmeister AleksLuc Tama Today at 10:22:00 am
None's - Minmatar Control Tower Small
None kmk Agalder 0UBC-R Today at 10:21:00 am
Alec Nolev's - Legion
Alec Nolev Ankhe Sen Amun Ladistier Today at 10:21:00 am
Dalloric Ambrye's - Velator
Dalloric Ambrye bobba fhett P3EN-E Today at 10:21:00 am
Zemo Walden's - Caracal
Zemo Walden gereinah Liekuri Today at 10:20:00 am
Minimacten's - Dragoon
Minimacten Ferengi Morpheus Liekuri Today at 10:20:00 am
Jelrik Aitherobamwn's - Capsule
Jelrik Aitherobamwn Jay Makin Decon Today at 10:19:10 am
Red Mr's - Capsule
Red Mr Danny X VNPF-7 Today at 10:18:10 am
TUMS Vlad's - Capsule
TUMS Vlad SmarncaV2 Old Man Star Today at 10:18:10 am
Red Mr's - Helios
Red Mr Breekalles VNPF-7 Today at 10:18:00 am