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Recent Loadouts

Ship Title Ship Class Race
Scimitar Scimitar Logistics Minmatar
Machariel Machariel Faction Battleships Minmatar
Sarum Magnate Explorer. High-sec
Sarum Magnate Explorer. High Sarum Magnate Special Edition Ships Amarr
High sec Worm farmer
High sec Worm farmer Worm Faction Frigates Caldari

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Recent kills

Ship Victim Killer Location Date
Francis Drake5's - InterBus Catalyst
Francis Drake5 Renavien Aideron Hadozeko Today at 01:16:00 am
Barabulis's - Thrasher
Barabulis Renavien Aideron Hadozeko Today at 01:15:00 am
CJ Gallantus's - Atron
CJ Gallantus Kuts Neiked minaym CKX-RW Today at 01:14:00 am
Gogela's - Caldari Shuttle
Gogela Quorra Adama Urlen Today at 01:13:00 am
Dalamus Malukker's - Capsule
Dalamus Malukker trigger99 Hadozeko Today at 01:09:10 am
cupcake madness's - Heron
cupcake madness marshmallow madness Amamake Today at 01:09:00 am
Olli Nakayama's - Capsule
Olli Nakayama Santo Trafficante Niarja Today at 01:07:10 am
Olli Nakayama's - Caldari Shuttle
Olli Nakayama Santo Trafficante Niarja Today at 01:06:00 am
Tumeteus Ambraelle's - Velator
Tumeteus Ambraelle Zikori PewPew Heydieles Today at 01:06:00 am
Dalamus Malukker's - Cormorant
Dalamus Malukker trigger99 Floseswin Today at 01:04:00 am
Hiashi Yenzyne's - Thorax
Hiashi Yenzyne RJEY 2X-PQG Today at 01:00:00 am
Vengord DSF's - Noctis
Vengord DSF sollit dude New Caldari Today at 12:59:00 am
Captain Funtara's - Incursus
Captain Funtara Klarck Tayson Onatoh Today at 12:58:00 am
MCKen3311 Daugherty's - Capsule
MCKen3311 Daugherty Damage Box CL-IRS Today at 12:57:10 am
Shankamukikamu's - Capsule
Shankamukikamu FearCult CL-IRS Today at 12:57:10 am
MCKen3311 Daugherty's - Manticore
MCKen3311 Daugherty FearCult CL-IRS Today at 12:56:00 am
Mahmukt's - Cyclone
Mahmukt Wrong paradox P3EN-E Today at 12:56:00 am
Tumeteus Ambraelle's - Catalyst
Tumeteus Ambraelle greg01 Rakapas Today at 12:56:00 am
Shankamukikamu's - Curse
Shankamukikamu FearCult CL-IRS Today at 12:55:00 am
eX0rc1st's - Merlin
eX0rc1st Martial Steel Hasmijaala Today at 12:55:00 am
Artnic Belgvoid's - Capsule
Artnic Belgvoid ROXGenghis F-YH5B Today at 12:54:10 am
cupcake madness's - Ibis
cupcake madness Adarx Tabbetzur Today at 12:53:00 am
Artnic Belgvoid's - Caracal
Artnic Belgvoid Eomar Duredain F-YH5B Today at 12:52:00 am
DOGmira vince's - Capsule
DOGmira vince Anter Kamyshin Heydieles Today at 12:50:10 am
Garandras's - Sabre
Garandras sens1 D61A-G Today at 12:50:00 am
Tumeteus Ambraelle's - Catalyst
Tumeteus Ambraelle Orr Gallente Rakapas Today at 12:48:00 am
Please Turn's - Harpy
Please Turn Jacky Bone Vey Today at 12:47:00 am
Mason Draco's - Capsule
Mason Draco Luna Moonsorrow H-GKI6 Today at 12:44:10 am
Kram Starr Patrouette's - Capsule
Kram Starr Patrouette Badgur ZZ5X-M Today at 12:43:10 am
Kram Starr Patrouette's - Thorax
Kram Starr Patrouette FearCult ZZ5X-M Today at 12:43:00 am