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Recent Loadouts

Ship Title Ship Class Race
Megathron PvE
Megathron PvE Megathron Standard Battleships Gallente
A Naga?
A Naga? Naga Standard Battlecruisers Caldari
PvE Rokh
PvE Rokh Rokh Standard Battleships Caldari
PVP Painter Gang Hound
PVP Painter Gang Hound Hound Covert Ops Minmatar

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Recent kills

Ship Victim Killer Location Date
Blanket Box's - Capsule
Blanket Box Vanislevagabond E02-IK Today at 06:59:10 pm
Blanket Box's - Reaper
Blanket Box Camoni E02-IK Today at 06:58:00 pm
Moomincake's - Capsule
Moomincake Zion Maldor Old Man Star Today at 06:56:10 pm
Moomincake's - Stabber
Moomincake Liana Tian Old Man Star Today at 06:55:00 pm
Urikna Tel'i's - Eris
Urikna Tel'i AcidAngel Itinen Eszur Today at 06:55:00 pm
TheStankShank's - Cormorant
TheStankShank X Gallentius Vlillirier Today at 06:53:00 pm
Phylo Athonille's - Capsule
Phylo Athonille Roy Fredrickson Seyllin Today at 06:52:10 pm
Phylo Athonille's - Dominix
Phylo Athonille DR BiCarbonate Seyllin Today at 06:52:00 pm
Tyrion Winterstark's - Capsule
Tyrion Winterstark Sharlandra Nomaa Today at 06:50:10 pm
Tyrion Winterstark's - Raven
Tyrion Winterstark Sharlandra Nomaa Today at 06:49:00 pm
Winzipped's - Caracal
Winzipped Rath Valent Neziel Today at 06:45:00 pm
Imda Greatest's - Slasher
Imda Greatest Asarles Josameto Today at 06:45:00 pm
Black Astronaut's - Capsule
Black Astronaut 4x4runner Harroule Today at 06:44:10 pm
Roux LeBeau Amatin's - Capsule
Roux LeBeau Amatin Dagora Sirseshin Today at 06:43:10 pm
Black Astronaut's - Probe
Black Astronaut 4x4runner Harroule Today at 06:43:00 pm
David Glashnost's - Incursus
David Glashnost 4x4runner Harroule Today at 06:43:00 pm
Curtis Hawking's - Mobile Tractor Unit
Curtis Hawking ediroll R-YWID Today at 06:42:00 pm
Roux LeBeau Amatin's - Drake
Roux LeBeau Amatin Fastkills Sirseshin Today at 06:42:00 pm
DasHirN's - Mobile Tractor Unit
DasHirN Hatshepsut IV J151548 Today at 06:41:00 pm
Cpt Blastahoe's - Griffin
Cpt Blastahoe Yun Kuai Vlillirier Today at 06:41:00 pm
James Ishikela's - Covetor
James Ishikela Aaron eVega Dantumi Today at 06:40:00 pm
Voa Tsurpalen's - Raven Navy Issue
Voa Tsurpalen Ella Xen Dantumi Today at 06:40:00 pm
moondogi inu's - Thorax
moondogi inu Maccian Old Man Star Today at 06:39:00 pm
General Taosai Lee's - Rifter
General Taosai Lee rljpdx Rens Today at 06:38:00 pm
Flint Fireforged's - Kryos
Flint Fireforged Aaron eVega Mara Today at 06:37:00 pm
Tam Estidal's - Venture
Tam Estidal Klapen Amamake Today at 06:35:00 pm
ErrorRon's - Tristan
ErrorRon Fintarue Gulmorogod Today at 06:34:00 pm
Fintarue's - Caracal
Fintarue Gen Thuraka Gulmorogod Today at 06:34:00 pm
Godan Toluen's - Crow
Godan Toluen SmokinJs Arthie Ostingele Today at 06:34:00 pm
Madkicker's - Imperial Navy Slicer
Madkicker Kontraband Venning Tama Today at 06:32:00 pm