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Recent Loadouts

Ship Title Ship Class Race
Sabre: HS angel combat ano/sig harvester
HS angel combat ano/sig har Sabre Interdictors Minmatar
Garmur-Killer killer
Garmur-Killer killer Garmur Faction Frigates Caldari
Claw 9.8km/s for 55mil
Claw 9.8km/s for 55mil Claw Interceptors Minmatar
Chimera PVE Dron/Sansha
Chimera PVE Dron/Sansha Chimera Carriers Caldari

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Recent kills

Ship Victim Killer Location Date
oxxo Malukker's - Rupture
oxxo Malukker Birdlike Schoorasana Today at 02:34:00 pm
Emorius's - Cormorant
Emorius Darth Killus Josameto Today at 02:34:00 pm
Futu Lepoulpe's - Rupture
Futu Lepoulpe Birdlike Schoorasana Today at 02:33:00 pm
mixon vepr's - Gnosis
mixon vepr Nalena Linova Ichoriya Today at 02:31:00 pm
Zanthr's - Capsule
Zanthr mixon vepr Ichoriya Today at 02:28:10 pm
JamaicaMan86's - Cerberus
JamaicaMan86 NINA OZ E-BFLT Today at 02:27:00 pm
John Decadian's - Enyo
John Decadian tarpon5 Hasmijaala Today at 02:27:00 pm
Francois LeClerc's - Ares
Francois LeClerc JamaicaMan86 E-BFLT Today at 02:26:00 pm
JECK SEVER's - Condor
JECK SEVER Dust Flasher Nagamanen Today at 02:26:00 pm
MagicPeanut's - Atron
MagicPeanut Floyd Farnsworth Gulmorogod Today at 02:25:00 pm
Amartens's - Capsule
Amartens Arth77 J134527 Today at 02:24:10 pm
Bustout Buffy's - Raptor
Bustout Buffy McNoTo Messoya Today at 02:24:00 pm
Artyom Alabel's - Astero
Artyom Alabel bambidka J144420 Today at 02:24:00 pm
statham mallcrusher's - Caldari Navy Hookbill
statham mallcrusher Meric Starborn Akidagi Today at 02:24:00 pm
Kolbaba's - Capsule
Kolbaba Artyom Alabel J144420 Today at 02:23:10 pm
Rob Bowen's - Capsule
Rob Bowen Kulanos Thromar Hemin Today at 02:23:10 pm
Salana Drashen's - Capsule
Salana Drashen Piir8 Tama Today at 02:23:10 pm
Justaxxx Mena's - Capsule
Justaxxx Mena assasain N-Q5PW Today at 02:23:10 pm
Kolbaba's - Prospect
Kolbaba Elegos Akla J144420 Today at 02:23:00 pm
Amartens's - Venture
Amartens Arth77 J134527 Today at 02:23:00 pm
Alsia Padecain's - Capsule
Alsia Padecain Einherjar Taron Hemin Today at 02:22:10 pm
Degalis's - Capsule
Degalis Nirvoak Denullth GE-8JV Today at 02:22:10 pm
Degalis's - Raptor
Degalis Nirvoak Denullth GE-8JV Today at 02:22:00 pm
Justaxxx Mena's - Purifier
Justaxxx Mena Reinor Alaine N-Q5PW Today at 02:22:00 pm
Corvas Giovani's - Capsule
Corvas Giovani FEARNAUGHT O'BREQ Hemin Today at 02:21:10 pm
Mack Truck Driver's - Capsule
Mack Truck Driver Farfalla Northville V-3YG7 Today at 02:21:10 pm
Avarr's - Capsule
Avarr Axa Dax Hikkoken Today at 02:21:10 pm
Nitecom's - Vexor
Nitecom ehigo hitthegnob V-3YG7 Today at 02:21:00 pm
Rob Bowen's - Pilgrim
Rob Bowen Vik Egdald Hemin Today at 02:21:00 pm
tarpon5's - Catalyst
tarpon5 John Decadian Hasmijaala Today at 02:21:00 pm