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Recent Loadouts

Ship Title Ship Class Race
Golem - Cheap Level 4 and 5
Golem - Cheap Level 4 and 5 Golem Marauders Caldari
Lachesis: Scram kiter
Scram kiter Lachesis Recon Ships Gallente
Confessor: For Tourism, Travel, and Non-Invasive Exploration (IDGAF)
For Tourism, Travel, and No Confessor Tactical Destroyers Amarr
Ares - experimental sniper
Ares - experimental sniper Ares Interceptors Gallente

Shop: Deep Space Supply

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Recent kills

Ship Victim Killer Location Date
Kaylar Harmion's - Venture
Kaylar Harmion Miura Bull Reblier Today at 02:24:00 am
Nunka's - Capsule
Nunka Jaime Green HY-RWO Today at 02:21:10 am
CommanderRa's - Mobile Tractor Unit
CommanderRa MalooR8 JU-OWQ Today at 02:21:00 am
DomDom Shadow's - Venture
DomDom Shadow Tyrant Scorn J140831 Today at 02:21:00 am
Red ZemoVV's - Ishtar
Red ZemoVV Antskyeeh Hysera Today at 02:20:00 am
Nunka's - Ibis
Nunka Dirtydogzzz HY-RWO Today at 02:20:00 am
Godmar's - Capsule
Godmar Antalia Ormand 0GN-VO Today at 02:19:10 am
Camuel dePompadour's - Capsule
Camuel dePompadour Gia Artifex R-YWID Today at 02:18:10 am
Godmar's - Velator
Godmar Antalia Ormand 0GN-VO Today at 02:18:00 am
Bro'dee's - Republic Fleet Firetail
Bro'dee jon toraboruta Siseide Today at 02:18:00 am
Melli Elsavana's - Capsule
Melli Elsavana extreme networks 7Q-8Z2 Today at 02:17:10 am
Camuel dePompadour's - Mammoth
Camuel dePompadour Gia Artifex R-YWID Today at 02:17:00 am
Noi Inkura's - Capsule
Noi Inkura Jezus vanOstade BWF-ZZ Today at 02:16:10 am
Kurisaki's - Caldari Navy Hookbill
Kurisaki End'jinn Liekuri Today at 02:16:00 am
Melli Elsavana's - Sabre
Melli Elsavana extreme networks 7Q-8Z2 Today at 02:16:00 am
Noi Inkura's - Vexor Navy Issue
Noi Inkura M0535 BWF-ZZ Today at 02:16:00 am
Leelo dallasmultipas's - Capsule
Leelo dallasmultipas Laz Orti Uphallant Today at 02:15:10 am
Birviz Kozak's - Hurricane
Birviz Kozak vasill stepanov B-F1MI Today at 02:15:00 am
Nikole Lazond's - Vengeance
Nikole Lazond Spectre33 Egmar Today at 02:15:00 am
Kar'saran's - Stratios
Kar'saran Broem Horkkisen Today at 02:15:00 am
Karthos Madullier's - Velator
Karthos Madullier Moratok V-3YG7 Today at 02:15:00 am
Leelo dallasmultipas's - Imperial Navy Slicer
Leelo dallasmultipas Moab Achasse Uphallant Today at 02:14:00 am
Dirk Spanners's - Capsule
Dirk Spanners allhill Gaterau J130854 Today at 02:13:10 am
Dirk Spanners's - Buzzard
Dirk Spanners allhill Gaterau J130854 Today at 02:13:00 am
Mithun Adtur's - Vargur
Mithun Adtur Arania Velkar Daras Today at 02:13:00 am
Grumpa Hontas's - Tristan
Grumpa Hontas Nikole Lazond Egmar Today at 02:12:00 am
DDSxMiner's - Capsule
DDSxMiner Haansu Mikairu M2-CF1 Today at 02:11:10 am
Tsai Anzomi's - Caldari Shuttle
Tsai Anzomi Dirtydogzzz EX6-AO Today at 02:11:00 am
Haansu Mikairu's - Vexor
Haansu Mikairu BUSTERMK2 M2-CF1 Today at 02:10:00 am
Fadeoc Khaos's - Astero
Fadeoc Khaos jimmy 15 Dodixie Today at 02:10:00 am