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Recent Loadouts

Ship Title Ship Class Race
Golem -  Class 4 anom runner [solo]
Golem - Class 4 anom runner Golem Marauders Caldari
Tengu: Spider Tanking
Spider Tanking Tengu Strategic Cruisers Caldari
Paladin - Solo LVL4
Paladin - Solo LVL4 Paladin Marauders Amarr
Troll Maller
Troll Maller Maller Standard Cruisers Amarr

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Recent kills

Ship Victim Killer Location Date
Darren Panala's - Kestrel
Darren Panala Claudiu Prian Nennamaila Today at 09:43:00 pm
Kromarius's - Rupture
Kromarius cin72igor Pain Today at 09:39:00 pm
Hueviy Trap's - Capsule
Hueviy Trap Duo Tivianne J152433 Today at 09:36:10 pm
kpt ahab's - Buzzard
kpt ahab Evil Maiden Enal Today at 09:36:00 pm
Laetitia Nzero's - Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant
Laetitia Nzero Zlonamer Heydieles Today at 09:35:10 pm
MIsty Orion's - Capsule
MIsty Orion Viktor Rahl Libold Today at 09:35:10 pm
Delgrin DelMont's - Brutix
Delgrin DelMont luther hurt Josameto Today at 09:35:00 pm
Hueviy Trap's - Heron
Hueviy Trap Duo Tivianne J152433 Today at 09:35:00 pm
MIsty Orion's - Mackinaw
MIsty Orion Apollo Shinoda Libold Today at 09:35:00 pm
Hakiwen's - Rupture
Hakiwen Saragossa Tama Today at 09:35:00 pm
Laetitia Nzero's - Scythe
Laetitia Nzero Petrowic h Heydieles Today at 09:34:00 pm
The Hessian's - Republic Fleet Firetail
The Hessian Oscar DePali HED-GP Today at 09:34:00 pm
Verisimilidude 011's - Mobile Tractor Unit
Verisimilidude 011 DoodleBu J172431 Today at 09:33:00 pm
BigEyeTwo's - Ibis
BigEyeTwo ZGON Zun Sagain Today at 09:32:00 pm
Xtrom Mist's - Capsule
Xtrom Mist Tawa Suyo Ardar Today at 09:31:10 pm
Fingding's - Incursus
Fingding Scarred Puma Sosan Today at 09:26:00 pm
Royyu Hanoma's - Heron
Royyu Hanoma Gumrick Zimmermann Jita Today at 09:25:00 pm
Idame Isqua's - Incursus
Idame Isqua Murat Kutosov Okkamon Today at 09:24:00 pm
Vurts's - Punisher
Vurts Delgrin DelMont Otela Today at 09:22:00 pm
Ronnin McMoussou's - Atron
Ronnin McMoussou ptygmit Otela Today at 09:22:00 pm
Jak Walters's - Iteron Mark V
Jak Walters Sl8er13 KBP7-G Today at 09:22:00 pm
Moridin Erkkinen's - Venture
Moridin Erkkinen G Rod P3EN-E Today at 09:22:00 pm
Kabanito Sotken's - Merlin
Kabanito Sotken Konrad Ingvarson BWF-ZZ Today at 09:22:00 pm
SteelHeart RU's - Slasher
SteelHeart RU Kabanito Sotken BWF-ZZ Today at 09:22:00 pm
Stryker FA's - Caracal
Stryker FA Kabanito Sotken BWF-ZZ Today at 09:21:00 pm
Bull Crap's - Cyclone
Bull Crap Mya Marie PF-346 Today at 09:18:00 pm
Zip Slings's - Capsule
Zip Slings Jerry Rin Balle Today at 09:17:10 pm
Lukas Asanari's - Capsule
Lukas Asanari Draciste Litom Today at 09:17:10 pm
Somnifirim's - Scythe
Somnifirim Bull Crap PF-346 Today at 09:17:00 pm
DedSpenser's - Incursus
DedSpenser Dooms Jr Jita Today at 09:17:00 pm