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Recent Loadouts

Ship Title Ship Class Race
mordu cerberus
mordu cerberus Cerberus Heavy Assault Cruisers Caldari
Tornado: Bait Nado 2.0
Bait Nado 2.0 Tornado Standard Battlecruisers Minmatar
Ishkur: AAR+Transverse Scram Kiter
AAR+Transverse Scram Kiter Ishkur Assault Frigates Gallente
Dual Web Neutron/Buffer Enyo
Dual Web Neutron/Buffer Enyo Enyo Assault Frigates Gallente

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Recent kills

Ship Victim Killer Location Date
Xtrom Mist's - Incursus
Xtrom Mist carr2 Ladistier Today at 05:48:00 pm
Shamefuldirty's - Succubus
Shamefuldirty Honsou Blackblade Tama Today at 05:48:00 pm
asariss's - Phantasm
asariss ShadowOpa Tama Today at 05:48:00 pm
Rip Deninard's - Algos
Rip Deninard Vasinator Heydieles Today at 05:48:00 pm
xiurax's - Griffin
xiurax asariss Tama Today at 05:47:00 pm
D4rk f0g's - Griffin
D4rk f0g asariss Tama Today at 05:47:00 pm
Kidsrule's - Griffin
Kidsrule Versus LaDiva Tama Today at 05:47:00 pm
Tony Makkenzy's - Catalyst
Tony Makkenzy Tri1ogy Bum Tuuriainas Today at 05:46:00 pm
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri's - Catalyst
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri Tri1ogy Bum Tuuriainas Today at 05:46:00 pm
Draacan Ferox's - Purifier
Draacan Ferox Ennrion Adeel Today at 05:46:00 pm
Brian Levine's - Legion
Brian Levine Neesa Corrinne Tama Today at 05:45:00 pm
Jason O Killer's - Capsule
Jason O Killer SajuukThanatoskhar G-AOTH Today at 05:44:10 pm
Hesse Wiggin's - Hawk
Hesse Wiggin Ktorn Sinus Tama Today at 05:44:00 pm
Ogopogo Mu's - Maller
Ogopogo Mu Summer VonSturm M-MD3B Today at 05:44:00 pm
Maltov Makanen's - Federation Navy Comet
Maltov Makanen Mynito Pendragon Alamel Today at 05:42:00 pm
Kayla Wallows's - Capsule
Kayla Wallows Sorsha Skyrunner GE-8JV Today at 05:41:10 pm
Syndic Thrass's - Blackbird
Syndic Thrass Neergang UMI-KK Today at 05:40:00 pm
roguearmadillo's - Merlin
roguearmadillo delling kessel Liekuri Today at 05:39:00 pm
Aquillan Kargas's - Vexor
Aquillan Kargas Klapen Tama Today at 05:39:00 pm
vanessa bone's - Capsule
vanessa bone SajuukThanatoskhar T-RPFU Today at 05:38:10 pm
mnehila's - Scimitar
mnehila Voreth Doreign Tama Today at 05:38:00 pm
Kayla Wallows's - Sabre
Kayla Wallows Sorsha Skyrunner GE-8JV Today at 05:38:00 pm
Vale Koenig's - Caracal
Vale Koenig Jesper Kidane 3USX-F Today at 05:38:00 pm
Brodog827's - Capsule
Brodog827 Korsica Phoenix K5F-Z2 Today at 05:37:10 pm
Troy Cintryx's - Corax
Troy Cintryx Deecon01 CRXA-Y Today at 05:37:00 pm
zatazon's - Kestrel
zatazon Cyber SGB Kehjari Today at 05:37:00 pm
Brodog827's - Ishtar
Brodog827 Long Distance Klara K5F-Z2 Today at 05:37:00 pm
Brazok Newland's - Hound
Brazok Newland Selling driver Amarr Today at 05:36:00 pm
Daess Alecto's - Capsule
Daess Alecto G Rod M-OEE8 Today at 05:35:10 pm
Firefox4312 Yatolila's - Capsule
Firefox4312 Yatolila Riihi F2OY-X Today at 05:35:10 pm