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LeWeasel’s Archon was lost in BWF-ZZ (0.0) on 2012-04-20

Ship lost Archon
Points earned 1.03
Pilots involved 161
Damage dealt 538,053
Original value 1.59B
ISK Destroyed 1.28B
ISK Dropped 316.23M
Capital Remote Capacitor Transmitter I
Capital Remote Armor Repairer I
Capital Remote Armor Repairer I
Capital Remote Armor Repairer I
Triage Module I
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Capacitor Power Relay II
Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Capital Armor Repairer I
Capacitor Power Relay II
Capacitor Power Relay II
Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Capital Armor Repairer I
Large Capacitor Control Circuit I
Large Capacitor Control Circuit I
Large Capacitor Control Circuit I
  • Victim
  • Capital lost

Cardano Firesnake
  • Final blow
Ship Pilot Corp Alliance Damage
Hurricane Garnoo Eternity INC. Goonswarm Federation 10,282 Hurricane
Tempest FalconX Blast Amok. Goonswarm Federation 9,719 Tempest
Hurricane Zbug Fliblins Pulsar Inc. Goonswarm Federation 8,195 Hurricane
Hurricane Oroan NED-Clan Goonswarm Federation 7,957 Hurricane
Hurricane BrokenBC Incompertus INC Fatal Ascension 7,858 Hurricane
Hurricane Kel'8D RGSU Goonswarm Federation 7,612 Hurricane
Hurricane Tyshalle Fallen Oberon Incorporated RAZOR Alliance 7,501 Hurricane
Hurricane Konno Yoshiho GoonWaffe Goonswarm Federation 7,280 Hurricane
Aeon Traumzauberbaum Endstati0n Raiden. 7,245 Aeon
Hurricane Hosiden The Drunken Empire Fatal Ascension 7,169 Hurricane
Hurricane Mast3r Blast3r Thunderwaffe Goonswarm Federation 7,017 Hurricane
Tornado Isphirel GoonWaffe Goonswarm Federation 6,860 Tornado
Hurricane Thrusting Motion Di-Tron Heavy Industries Test Alliance Please Ignore 6,716 Hurricane
Hurricane ghsot274 SuNDeRinG Goonswarm Federation 6,662 Hurricane
Hurricane Anakin Twisted Les chevaliers de l'ordre Goonswarm Federation 6,546 Hurricane
Hurricane Zealc Eve Liberation Force Fatal Ascension 6,336 Hurricane
Nemesis fruitey Pioneer's of the Galantic Wars Side Effect. 6,144 Scorch Bomb
Hurricane Jeanney Balanced Unity Fatal Ascension 6,018 Hurricane
Hound UltimateCrab Destroyer Wildly Inappropriate Goonswarm Federation 5,970 Caldari Navy Nova Torpedo
Hurricane Dulas Interwebs Cooter Explosion Fatal Ascension 5,934 Hurricane
Hurricane A'Tolkar Serenity Engineering and Transport Company Fatal Ascension 5,931 Hurricane
Hurricane Markus Schulz OEG Goonswarm Federation 5,917 Hurricane
Hurricane Acran Xise Balanced Unity Fatal Ascension 5,903 Hurricane
Hurricane Kovalski Trechkovw Ship Trading Company Fidelas Constans 5,900 Hurricane
Hurricane Killzaida Easy Co. Fatal Ascension 5,753 Hurricane
Hurricane vile56 Stargate SG-1 Fatal Ascension 5,694 Hurricane
Hurricane Daktar Jaxs Wildly Inappropriate Goonswarm Federation 5,682 Warrior II
Hurricane Urban48 Eve Defence Force Fatal Ascension 5,496 Hurricane
Hurricane Ferg2 Eternity INC. Goonswarm Federation 5,458 Hurricane
Hurricane Slaktoffer House Aratus Fatal Ascension 5,083 Hurricane
Hurricane ektony OEG Goonswarm Federation 5,072 Hurricane
Hurricane Diehard15 Eternity INC. Goonswarm Federation 5,062 Hurricane
Hurricane Neofelis Nebulosa Bat Country Goonswarm Federation 4,982 Hurricane
Hurricane Snake Stranski House Aratus Fatal Ascension 4,955 Hurricane
Hurricane Weiss Wakefield GoonWaffe Goonswarm Federation 4,937 Hurricane
Hurricane Xero Angel BSC LEGION Tactical Narcotics Team 4,795 Hurricane
Hurricane Motre Dreddit Test Alliance Please Ignore 4,742 Hurricane
Hurricane Tyrone Cashmoney GoonWaffe Goonswarm Federation 4,687 Hurricane
Hurricane Arkyliss Incompertus INC Fatal Ascension 4,666 Hurricane
Hurricane NUTTUN CBC Interstellar Fidelas Constans 4,664 Hurricane
Hurricane Ra'virr GoonWaffe Goonswarm Federation 4,593 Hurricane
Hurricane Cardano Firesnake ICE is Coming to EVE Goonswarm Federation 4,556 425mm AutoCannon II
Hurricane Mourn Ex Eve Defence Force Fatal Ascension 4,515 Hurricane
Hurricane Nannoc Helinski Bat Country Goonswarm Federation 4,351 425mm AutoCannon II
Hurricane Taiwanistan Wildly Inappropriate Goonswarm Federation 4,262 Hurricane
Hurricane Xavier Holtzman Sons Of 0din Fatal Ascension 4,261 Hurricane
Hurricane Spicypixel Wildly Inappropriate Goonswarm Federation 4,261 425mm AutoCannon II
Hurricane Mutamu Dahak GoonWaffe Goonswarm Federation 4,247 Hurricane
Hurricane Stolen Valor Dreddit Test Alliance Please Ignore 4,179 Hurricane
Hurricane Madlof Chev Dreddit Test Alliance Please Ignore 4,153 Hurricane
Hurricane Nodsoldier SuNDeRinG Goonswarm Federation 4,131 425mm AutoCannon II
Abaddon Ninetales OEG Goonswarm Federation 4,080 Abaddon
Hurricane Damralh ICE is Coming to EVE Goonswarm Federation 3,966 Hurricane
Hurricane Vxrasa The Riot Formation Get Off My Lawn 3,957 425mm AutoCannon II
Hurricane Kriegman Raging Ducks Goonswarm Federation 3,950 Hurricane
Hurricane Kabudachi Kriegsmarinewerft Goonswarm Federation 3,950 Hurricane
Hurricane Ziggourat ICE is Coming to EVE Goonswarm Federation 3,940 Hurricane
Hurricane Contorted Kriegsmarinewerft Goonswarm Federation 3,912 Hurricane
Hurricane VLad Stan The Drunken Empire Fatal Ascension 3,900 Hurricane
Hurricane AppOl0n House Aratus Fatal Ascension 3,872 Hurricane
Hurricane CaptainGalaxy GoonWaffe Goonswarm Federation 3,760 Hurricane
Hurricane spawnscum Enlightened Industries Test Alliance Please Ignore 3,715 Hurricane
Oracle Fagundass RGSU Goonswarm Federation 3,709 Oracle
Hurricane Archinquisitor Eve Defence Force Fatal Ascension 3,621 Hurricane
Hurricane Zhrek Underworld Protection Agency Fatal Ascension 3,505 Hurricane
Hurricane AspiB'elt Les chevaliers de l'ordre Goonswarm Federation 3,462 Hurricane
Hurricane BackfireS OEG Goonswarm Federation 3,461 Hurricane
Hurricane Chiradavi Ordos Humanitas Tactical Narcotics Team 3,453 425mm AutoCannon II
Hurricane fraewyn Pulsar Inc. Goonswarm Federation 3,443 425mm AutoCannon II
Hurricane amalthia illo Wildly Inappropriate Goonswarm Federation 3,424 Hurricane
Hurricane Lisette Cordoba Stargate SG-1 Fatal Ascension 3,400 425mm AutoCannon II
Hurricane Sensisky Pulsar Inc. Goonswarm Federation 3,336 Hurricane
Hurricane Gordane NED-Clan Goonswarm Federation 3,290 Hurricane
Hurricane Smooth Acami Paladin Order Fidelas Constans 3,240 Hurricane
Hurricane Novalotus Interwebs Cooter Explosion Fatal Ascension 3,232 Hurricane
Hurricane llldarkseraphlll Easy Co. Fatal Ascension 3,170 Hurricane
Drake Ice Widow Easy Co. Fatal Ascension 3,142 Scourge Fury Heavy Missile
Hurricane Cwiroslav CBC Interstellar Fidelas Constans 3,081 Hurricane
Hurricane Tardaan Sigillum Militum Xpisti Fatal Ascension 3,067 Hurricane
Hurricane Jon Chninkel Les chevaliers de l'ordre Goonswarm Federation 3,064 Hurricane
Hurricane Felinaa Les chevaliers de l'ordre Goonswarm Federation 3,056 Warrior II
Megathron baltec1 Bat Country Goonswarm Federation 3,050 Neutron Blaster Cannon II
Hurricane Deirdre Anethoel Pulsar Inc. Goonswarm Federation 3,050 Hurricane
Hurricane EternalFlow GoonWaffe Goonswarm Federation 2,987 Hurricane
Hurricane Wheatloaf69 Eve Defence Force Fatal Ascension 2,952 Hurricane
Hurricane Excaliba UK Corp RAZOR Alliance 2,929 Hurricane
Oracle Sydney Roughdiamond BSC LEGION Tactical Narcotics Team 2,885 Oracle
Hurricane Mukun The Shadow Plague BLACK-MARK 2,881 Hurricane
Hurricane mainmang GoonWaffe Goonswarm Federation 2,878 Hurricane
Hurricane Jovrix The Drunken Empire Fatal Ascension 2,854 425mm Medium Carbine Repeating Cannon I
Hurricane Rimsky Zamkadish Monkey Attack Squad Goonswarm Federation 2,832 425mm Medium Prototype Automatic Cannon
Hurricane Marivauder Bat Country Goonswarm Federation 2,831 Hurricane
Hurricane NoDjA Easy Co. Fatal Ascension 2,822 Hurricane
Hurricane Tanya Dark Kriegsmarinewerft Goonswarm Federation 2,821 Hurricane
Hurricane djendjil Les chevaliers de l'ordre Goonswarm Federation 2,797 Hurricane
Hurricane Xirin Sigillum Militum Xpisti Fatal Ascension 2,774 Hurricane
Hurricane Bruggmire Wildly Inappropriate Goonswarm Federation 2,749 Hurricane
Hurricane RealRioter OEG Goonswarm Federation 2,731 Hurricane
Hurricane TeufelPCH Decadence. RAZOR Alliance 2,725 Hurricane
Hurricane Sushi Nardieu Paladin Order Fidelas Constans 2,714 Hobgoblin I
Hurricane Gregory Riker Fractured Core Fatal Ascension 2,667 Hurricane
Hurricane R76983 Dreddit Test Alliance Please Ignore 2,645 Hurricane
Hurricane Ral Grad SuNDeRinG Goonswarm Federation 2,631 Hurricane
Hurricane doopfighter The X-Trading Company RAZOR Alliance 2,628 Hurricane
Hurricane Audrey Hep Les chevaliers de l'ordre Goonswarm Federation 2,525 Hurricane
Hurricane COEUS Reborn Rim Collection RC Test Alliance Please Ignore 2,471 Hurricane
Hurricane Tom Hutchison 1st Steps Academy Fidelas Constans 2,443 Hobgoblin II
Hurricane Mara Myra Kriegsmarinewerft Goonswarm Federation 2,360 Hurricane
Hurricane captain fovios Incompertus INC Fatal Ascension 2,345 Hurricane
Hurricane Aralyn Cormallen Wildly Inappropriate Goonswarm Federation 2,337 Hurricane
Naga Etanoll OEG Goonswarm Federation 2,309 Naga
Hurricane Elena Melkan Paladin Order Fidelas Constans 2,284 Hurricane
Hurricane Harkey Northstar Cabal Fatal Ascension 2,246 Hurricane
Hurricane Wolfe Jovakko Paladin Order Fidelas Constans 2,196 Hurricane
Hurricane HorusAximand Odyssey Inc SpaceMonkey's Alliance 2,068 Hurricane
Hurricane snugglewooby GoonWaffe Goonswarm Federation 2,041 Hurricane
Hurricane Maraudian Roving Guns Inc. RAZOR Alliance 1,965 Hurricane
Hurricane TelContar Elladan Bat Country Goonswarm Federation 1,944 Hurricane
Hurricane charlesthomas ham Paladin Order Fidelas Constans 1,935 Hurricane
Hurricane FalconAce2 Multiplex Gaming SpaceMonkey's Alliance 1,877 Hurricane
Hurricane Toot Maimington Freelance Economics Astrological resources Tactical Narcotics Team 1,876 Hurricane
Hurricane Titmando Wildly Inappropriate Goonswarm Federation 1,853 Hurricane
Hurricane Wilhelm Arcturus BSC LEGION Tactical Narcotics Team 1,814 Hurricane
Hurricane Cador Treloar Magellanic Itg Goonswarm Federation 1,764 Hurricane
Hurricane gigabobo Kriegsmarinewerft Goonswarm Federation 1,752 Hurricane
Hurricane Crith Kharn Ship Trading Company Fidelas Constans 1,703 Hurricane
Hurricane Spyra Gryra Eternity INC. Goonswarm Federation 1,691 Hurricane
Hurricane xjshuax Lightbringer's Sanctuary Fatal Ascension 1,593 Hurricane
Hurricane Guillaume LeConquerant Kernel of War Goonswarm Federation 1,466 Hurricane
Drake bunzing heet Lightbringer's Sanctuary Fatal Ascension 1,353 Scourge Fury Heavy Missile
Hurricane Saltan Gil'Sayan RGSU Goonswarm Federation 1,307 Hurricane
Hurricane Tess La'Coil Lightbringer's Sanctuary Fatal Ascension 1,295 Hurricane
Hurricane Quebber Amok. Goonswarm Federation 1,256 Hurricane
Hurricane Lord Zeuus Stargate SG-1 Fatal Ascension 1,112 Hobgoblin II
Hurricane Cho'kie Dabud ICE is Coming to EVE Goonswarm Federation 1,091 Hurricane
Hurricane Lavellos Ship Trading Company Fidelas Constans 1,081 Hurricane
Hurricane Scrawtek Paxton Industries Gentlemen's Agreement 1,063 Hurricane
Hurricane randulf jentake Sigillum Militum Xpisti Fatal Ascension 1,043 Hurricane
Hurricane charalambia Eve Defence Force Fatal Ascension 1,022 Hurricane
Hurricane Joe Mangeiri 1st Steps Academy Fidelas Constans 1,013 Hurricane
Hound Archeras Umangiar Helios Alliance C0NVICTED 1,001 Caldari Navy Mjolnir Torpedo
Retribution Byvalyij OEG Academy Goonswarm Federation 723 Retribution
Tornado BloodKosh Raging Ducks Goonswarm Federation 702 Tornado
Hurricane Micatra Paladin Order Fidelas Constans 597 425mm AutoCannon II
Hurricane dee x3 Wildly Inappropriate Goonswarm Federation 577 Hurricane
Hurricane Imar Sturbate NED-Clan Goonswarm Federation 424 Hurricane
Hurricane kanette03 Pulsar Inc. Goonswarm Federation 347 Hurricane
Hurricane Quasaroag NED-Clan Goonswarm Federation 343 Hurricane
Hurricane Lunaris Moon Jelly Baby Corporation Fidelas Constans 335 Hurricane
Hurricane Prvt Jack Genesis Nation Gentlemen's Agreement 322 425mm AutoCannon II
Hurricane xXsambookaXx Galaxy Punks Executive Outcomes 164 425mm AutoCannon II
Hurricane DonRobin Elite Hell's Revenge Fidelas Constans 75 425mm Medium Gallium Machine Gun
Crow Silgi RGSU Goonswarm Federation 49 Crow
Hurricane Unexpected GoonWaffe Goonswarm Federation 0 Medium Energy Neutralizer II
Hurricane Othel'nik RGSU Goonswarm Federation 0 425mm AutoCannon II
Retribution Gennel Thunderwaffe Goonswarm Federation 0 Small Focused Pulse Laser II
Blackbird Papi Musque GoonWaffe Goonswarm Federation 0 'Shade' White Noise ECM
Blackbird Dominic Erata Sigillum Militum Xpisti Fatal Ascension 0 ECM - White Noise Generator II
Stiletto Neo NH OEG Goonswarm Federation 0 Warp Disruptor II
Drake Panthena Jelly Baby Corporation Fidelas Constans 0 Heavy Missile Launcher II
Hurricane Dark Fou-Lou Paladin Order Fidelas Constans 0 Medium Energy Neutralizer I
Item Location Quantity Value
Capital Remote Capacitor Transmitter I hiPower 1 34.60M Dropped
Capital Remote Armor Repairer I hiPower 3 99.30M Dropped
Triage Module I hiPower 1 66.06M Dropped
Cap Recharger II medPower 3 1.42M Destroyed
Cap Recharger II medPower 1 473.00K Dropped
Capacitor Power Relay II loPower 1 424.50K Destroyed
Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane loPower 1 33.99M Destroyed
Capital Armor Repairer I loPower 1 63.60M Destroyed
Capacitor Power Relay II loPower 2 849.00K Dropped
Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane loPower 1 33.99M Dropped
Capital Armor Repairer I loPower 1 63.60M Dropped
Large Capacitor Control Circuit I rigSlot 3 25.95M Destroyed
Hammerhead II drone 15 10.89M Destroyed
Einherji drone 2 36.00M Destroyed
Heavy Armor Maintenance Bot I drone 5 895.00K Destroyed
Curator I drone 5 1.75K Destroyed
Bouncer I drone 5 673.50K Destroyed
Hammerhead II drone 5 3.63M Dropped
Warrior II drone 20 5.90M Dropped
Heavy Armor Maintenance Bot I drone 10 1.79M Dropped
Curator I drone 10 3.50K Dropped
Bouncer I drone 25 3.37M Dropped
Hornet EC-300 drone 40 234.40K Dropped
Warp Core Stabilizer II cargo 6 3.30M Destroyed
Liquid Ozone cargo 700 210.00K Destroyed
Helium Isotopes cargo 3,426 2.43M Dropped

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Short FAQ

1. I get the Please enter your API key, this mail cannot be posted directly error!
If you get an error trying to manually post a killmail, please note: Super Capital ships, POS's, and kills that happened in FD-MLJ (system where PVP is allowed on the test server) require your full API. They cannot be manually posted. This is to improve killboard accuracy.

2. I'm on a killmail for a POS. Why can't I post it?
Your CEO or a director, the enemy CEO or one of their directors, the person who laid the final blow, or the victim must have their full API in the killboard, for a POS to post.

3. I can't post a killmail because it says item "unknown."
Check that the killmail is valid, generated from ingame and not copied from a 3rd party. It could be that CCP have released a patch and have not yet released a static data export to allow fan sites to recognize new items.

4. My ranking history shows a dot. Why doesn't it track my whole history?
The chart only tracks the movement of the top 10,000 entities in EVE. If you're not in the top 10,000, please return to the battlespace and win more fights.

5. Why do I have to register to view killmails?
This is necessary to deter hostile scraping, which consumes bandwidth that we have to pay for and (has) knocked the site offline. The good news is that it's easy to register for the site and we won't ever spam you or sell your email. We've been running for almost 10 years under this promise.

6. I have other concerns that are not addressed in this help tab. Where can I post them?
Here is the board you seek.

BattleClinic helps players Fight Smart®. The killboard's primary purpose is to help you learn more about your enemy. It also provides a combat history for your character(s). If you want more control over your stats and records, consider getting a Griefwatch board for yourself, your corp, or your alliance.

Fog of War
No killboard in existence, not even an "API-Only" killboard, is100% accurate. This is due to the nature of killmails and how they are distributed. BattleClinic (and most independent killboard operators, too) use our extensive experience with the game to make decisions about how we display stats and data, but we all are constrained by the limitations of the data CCP provides. Moreover, meta-gaming and in-game tricks by players contribute to some inaccurate data. We take steps (human and technology-based) and we cooperate with other player-run game sites to keep our data extremely accurate.

Improving Accuracy of Data
You can improve the accuracy of your statistics by entering your full api key. Don't worry, it's safe; your account, your isk, and your stuff cannot be accessed by anyone or any website by using your full api key. Don't believe the rumors and misinformation that exists out there: A full API key cannot be used to obtain control of your account.

We highly recommend that your corp CEO post their full API key (it's safe to do that here!) so that all of your corp's kills will show on the killboard.

Ranking and Points
BattleClinic uses a proprietary system to award points to kills (and to award negative points for losses). We do not disclose the formula, but we can tell you that skillful combat techniques are rewarded. In other words, you can't climb the ranks very quickly by sitting outside your POS and shooting Velators for a month.

Your ranking is based on your points compared to the points earned or lost by other players at a specific point in time. Due to the volume of killmails we process, we update standings weekly. Note that tens of thousands of other players are involved in combat as well as you; therefore somewhat significant swings in rankings can occur. For example, fleet fights can generate a thousand killmails or more. If several large fights occur within a short time period, they can statistically impact player rankings. In short, your ranking is not directly influence-able, since you're competing with tens of thousands of other players.

BattleClinic only tracks the ranking history of the top ten thousand pilots in EVE-Online. If you don't have a ranking history displayed, you're currently not in the top 10k.

ISK Values for Ships and Modules
We provide estimated values for the ships and modules that are destroyed in combat. These values are drawn from other community fansites who monitor the EVE Online markets and graciously share this information. BattleClinic has no control over these values.

In certain circumstances, BattleClinic makes some assumptions when assigning ISK values. For example, CCP does not differentiate BPOs from BPCs inside a killmail or via the API thread. Therefore, we display the ISK value for a BPO, even if the item destroyed was, in reality, a BPC. We revisit these assumptions from time to time and try to find ways to improve results.

Combat Record Tags
BattleClinic displays combat tags based on our analysis of your activity. These tags appear and disappear depending on your actions over time. These tags are not awards and are not permanent. They highlight recent noteworthy achievements.
Top 10k Pilot - Appears when your point total places you in the top 10,000 pilots in all of EVE-Online
Damage Dealer - Appears when your 7-day damage dealt to damage received ratio is significant.
Empire Dweller - Appears when your most recent final blows have occurred in Empire space (0.5 or above). Note that some pilots make references to "carebears" when discussing players who are based in Empire space.
LoSec Roamer - Appears when your most recent final blows have occurred in Low Security space (0.1 to 0.4). Roaming pirates are common in LoSec.
0.0 Pioneer - Appears when your most recent final blows have occurred in 0.0 space. Most Alliances are typically found in "nullsec" and most typically engage in taming (or contributing to) the lawless wilderness of 0.0.

Loss Mail Record Tags
These tags are not awards and are not permanent. They highlight recent noteworthy achievements.
Nemesis: Lights up on your loss record when the same pilot gets the final blow on you three or more times within 7 days.
100% Destruction: Lights up when all of your ship's modules are destroyed.
Empire Kill: Lights up when the kill occurs within Empire space.
Solo Kill: Lights up when the pilot who killed you did so without any assistance.

Removing Your Character from the Killboard
Occasionally BattleClinic receives requests to remove characters from the killboard, especially those with a losing record. Unfortunately this is an impossible task because one pilot's loss is another's kill. In addition, other killboards have feeds which could restore your character's appearance on BattleClinic. If you want a better showing on any killboard, achieve success in the battlespace.

Characters with Prior History
If you purchased your character from someone else, or you create a new character and discover that the name had been used previously, you may want the prior record removed. We understand: you'd like a 'clean slate' since it's your character now. Unfortunately this is not possible, because those previous kills and losses were legitimate, and are part of someone else's stats. There's no getting around the universal truth that all relationships come with prior baggage.