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ZMV9-A’s Infrastructure Hub was lost in ZMV9-A (0.0) on 2011-12-28

Ship lost Infrastructure Hub
Points earned 0.03
Pilots involved 186
Damage dealt 32,522,409
Original value 450.00M
ISK Destroyed 450.00M
ISK Dropped 0
  • Victim

  • Final blow
Ship Pilot Corp Alliance Damage
Nyx Bile Silhouette Angelus.Mortis RED.Legion 1,485,000 Cyclops
Nyx kralz Angelus.Mortis RED.Legion 1,394,999 Tyrfing
Wyvern Minerus Prime Angelus.Mortis RED.Legion 1,290,000 Cyclops
Nyx Develish Dredd Hounds Of War RED.Legion 971,250 Tyrfing
Wyvern teonik Angelus.Mortis RED.Legion 880,200 Malleus
Aeon Alemanha Pereira S0utherN Comfort Controlled Chaos 858,000 Cyclops
Armageddon killtimer Blue Sun. Ares Protectiva 592,805 Armageddon
Proteus Cerberus II Babylon Knights Ares Protectiva 572,941 Proteus
Abaddon TyriM Section 51 Ares Protectiva 495,246 Abaddon
Tempest Yurij Sobeit nemesis 2.0 Ares Protectiva 482,520 Tempest
Tempest X Hale nemesis 2.0 Ares Protectiva 479,312 Tempest
Abaddon stwar Epsilon Lyr Ares Protectiva 475,857 Abaddon
Abaddon Spylei Babylon Knights Ares Protectiva 465,970 Abaddon
Armageddon Icarus Dethahal Atlantide corp Ares Protectiva 457,074 Armageddon
Abaddon Aruk Jr Gardes Feydakin Ares Protectiva 440,610 Abaddon
Armageddon Crashtec Legion Du Lys Ares Protectiva 430,747 Valkyrie II
Abaddon PIGHA001 Atlantide corp Ares Protectiva 418,297 Valkyrie II
Abaddon Toriel Loranor Decapsuleers Unlimited Ares Protectiva 416,299 Abaddon
Abaddon jocaid Atlantide corp Ares Protectiva 413,237 Infiltrator I
Abaddon Kaeziak The Rough Riders Ares Protectiva 405,662 Hobgoblin II
Abaddon Eva Edonia Epsilon Lyr Ares Protectiva 363,524 Abaddon
Armageddon Akiara FW Scuad E C L I P S E 350,064 Armageddon
Tempest Slappy Chan Atlantide corp Ares Protectiva 328,491 Hammerhead II
Abaddon Slappy McPewpew Corsairs Inc. RED.Legion 313,290 Abaddon
Abaddon Skybait2020 Black Lance Controlled Chaos 294,647 Valkyrie II
Abaddon Jecarn Decapsuleers Unlimited Ares Protectiva 261,659 Abaddon
Armageddon balsa S0utherN Comfort Controlled Chaos 258,473 Armageddon
Hurricane Ellyphas Atlantide corp Ares Protectiva 256,922 720mm Howitzer Artillery II
Armageddon Zequather Fist of Eargon The Jagged Alliance 255,780 Armageddon
Abaddon Le Chourineur Babylon Knights Ares Protectiva 254,802 Abaddon
Abaddon TheGoldenDragon Jugis Modo Utopia RED.Legion 252,334 Abaddon
Abaddon vhaleck Epsilon Lyr Ares Protectiva 246,564 Abaddon
Abaddon 7 cent Hellfire Cult RED.Legion 245,625 Warrior II
Abaddon EMPEBUSINETH Gardes Feydakin Ares Protectiva 244,617 Mega Pulse Laser II
Tempest Empress Xantia Decapsuleers Unlimited Ares Protectiva 238,689 800mm Repeating Cannon II
Tempest BoomBoomKitty Fck Black Lance Controlled Chaos 237,251 'Malkuth' Heavy Missile Launcher I
Abaddon 1st Bosco Nordgoetter Viking Empire 232,988 Mega Pulse Laser II
Absolution Lemou Epsilon Lyr Ares Protectiva 231,666 Absolution
Typhoon vaucluseman Babylon Knights Ares Protectiva 222,139 Hammerhead II
Abaddon Kempek Wrynn Engaging on Demand Viking Empire 218,754 Abaddon
Abaddon xP0nYx Nordgoetter Viking Empire 217,182 Mega Pulse Laser II
Tempest Norhell Jugis Modo Utopia RED.Legion 215,173 Valkyrie II
Armageddon Batzi Fritz Vanguard Angels Controlled Chaos 213,942 Armageddon
Abaddon MR Senator Hellfire Cult RED.Legion 211,995 Warrior II
Tempest Gaizka Alud Eternal Phoenix Rises Dark Phoenix Rising. 210,579 Tempest
Abaddon Lynarija Orion's Fist RED.Legion 210,105 Mega Pulse Laser II
Abaddon SBO Taylor Black Lance Controlled Chaos 209,699 Abaddon
Armageddon IMMORTALsurfer Eye of God Controlled Chaos 209,284 Mega Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I
Armageddon Hoshino Eye of God Controlled Chaos 207,154 Armageddon
Abaddon Justizar Echo Taishi Combine Pirate Nation. 206,575 Abaddon
Armageddon Sniggering Badger Auxilia Enterprises RED.Legion 201,687 Valkyrie II
Armageddon firitheirion S0utherN Comfort Controlled Chaos 201,533 Armageddon
Armageddon Cazzador N0 APOLOGY Controlled Chaos 198,156 Valkyrie II
Armageddon Alexxandr Trojan Trolls Controlled Chaos 197,873 Armageddon
Abaddon Lyria Talmanes Epsilon Lyr Ares Protectiva 197,432 Abaddon
Armageddon MAYUMI H Mugen Industry Tricell Coalition 194,975 Armageddon
Tempest PLZI Erasers inc. Controlled Chaos 192,504 Tempest
Abaddon Hichem Epsilon Lyr Ares Protectiva 191,318 Abaddon
Abaddon yantuk Hellfire Cult RED.Legion 190,620 Abaddon
Abaddon Gorthox League of Gentlemen Controlled Chaos 187,638 Hornet II
Armageddon Dr Freakazoid N0 APOLOGY Controlled Chaos 186,839 Armageddon
Abaddon LightMonk Nordgoetter Viking Empire 185,559 Abaddon
Megathron Lews Stark The Rough Riders Ares Protectiva 180,551 Megathron
Armageddon AlphaPIMP League of Gentlemen Controlled Chaos 179,591 Armageddon
Abaddon Silverwhite Hounds Of War RED.Legion 179,267 Mega Pulse Laser II
Armageddon JACARR The Green Cross Controlled Chaos 177,674 Armageddon
Tempest Orvect nemesis 2.0 Ares Protectiva 177,631 Tempest
Armageddon F3arL3ssB3rd Vanguard Angels Controlled Chaos 177,039 Armageddon
Abaddon Kindjal Hooded Underworld Guys Order Of The Unforgiving 172,870 Warrior II
Abaddon Cse Cse Jugis Modo Utopia RED.Legion 171,910 Abaddon
Armageddon Di Schifo Eye of God Controlled Chaos 169,195 Armageddon
Abaddon The Ironfear Nordgoetter Viking Empire 166,945 Abaddon
Abaddon MuppetsSlayed Angelus.Mortis RED.Legion 166,469 Abaddon
Armageddon wilko the2nd The Green Cross Controlled Chaos 166,125 Armageddon
Armageddon Ink Endashi Legion Du Lys Ares Protectiva 164,840 Armageddon
Armageddon Angelica Centari Eye of God Controlled Chaos 164,834 Hammerhead II
Abaddon Great Steed Swift Redemption RED.Legion 163,695 Mega Pulse Laser II
Harbinger Felony Debitum Naturae RED.Legion 162,050 Warrior II
Apocalypse Ittep Black Lance Controlled Chaos 162,004 Apocalypse
Abaddon retial1740 Jugis Modo Utopia RED.Legion 159,204 Warrior II
Abaddon Sirran The Lunatic Mando'a Navy Controlled Chaos 154,724 Abaddon
Armageddon XARONTAS Eye of God Controlled Chaos 153,439 Mega Pulse Laser II
Abaddon Zeus Max Jugis Modo Utopia RED.Legion 151,324 Hobgoblin II
Abaddon Vinross StarFleet Enterprises RED.Legion 149,283 Abaddon
Armageddon Dazdasterdly Vanguard Angels Controlled Chaos 148,829 Mega Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I
Abaddon GoldenFalo League of Gentlemen Controlled Chaos 145,415 Mega Pulse Laser II
Abaddon Fiberton StarFleet Enterprises RED.Legion 145,240 Abaddon
Armageddon Super Skunk The Green Cross Controlled Chaos 144,236 Armageddon
Abaddon missoverlord Angelus.Mortis RED.Legion 142,737 Mega Pulse Laser II
Abaddon Doofenschmirtz Auxilia Enterprises RED.Legion 141,945 Mega Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I
Abaddon Namihasu Swift Redemption RED.Legion 141,578 Abaddon
Abaddon DJX Nordgoetter Viking Empire 140,853 Abaddon
Hurricane LShock Unknown Soldiers RED.Legion 137,576 Hurricane
Armageddon Krimariol Times of Ancar Viking Empire 137,554 Bouncer I
Armageddon Mr Nizzan League of Gentlemen Controlled Chaos 135,797 Armageddon
Abaddon Klovnia Ganosh Angelus.Mortis RED.Legion 135,342 Abaddon
Armageddon Zye Azyr Trojan Trolls Controlled Chaos 135,009 Armageddon
Abaddon seka wolf Section 51 Ares Protectiva 131,372 Mega Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I
Armageddon spartane117 Kasar Infinae Ares Protectiva 125,496 Armageddon
Armageddon Mandolist Trojan Trolls Controlled Chaos 124,053 Armageddon
Armageddon Zloco Crendraven Eye of God Controlled Chaos 121,068 Armageddon
Armageddon beperl DARK ROOM Viking Empire 117,726 Armageddon
Armageddon Jasmine VI League of Gentlemen Controlled Chaos 115,855 Armageddon
Abaddon Sanek L Space of Kazakhstan International Friends Ultima Rati0 115,551 Abaddon
Abaddon shnooker Hounds Of War RED.Legion 115,102 Abaddon
Chimera hackerus Angelus.Mortis RED.Legion 114,987 Templar
Abaddon blackbird01 Unknown Soldiers RED.Legion 112,375 Abaddon
Armageddon Fledger Eye of God Controlled Chaos 111,575 Armageddon
Abaddon impulsje Debitum Naturae RED.Legion 104,735 Abaddon
Abaddon Khendon Kalmire Angelus.Mortis RED.Legion 102,800 Abaddon
Armageddon Kasyopaia IX Legio Hispana Aquila Viking Empire 99,741 Armageddon
Armageddon Roudin HELL.BOYS RED Citizens 94,735 Armageddon
Scorpion Jocelynn MKIII Engaging on Demand Viking Empire 91,468 Inferno Cruise Missile
Abaddon Dogred Djion Hooded Underworld Guys Order Of The Unforgiving 89,059 Abaddon
Typhoon TemaRin Svea Rike Controlled Chaos 88,445 Typhoon
Abaddon tashof The brothers inc The Jagged Alliance 88,289 Warrior II
Hurricane Lethality Lives S0utherN Comfort Controlled Chaos 88,092 Caldari Navy Scourge Heavy Missile
Abaddon WuMaTih League of Gentlemen Controlled Chaos 86,857 Hammerhead I
Armageddon pac'marar Times of Ancar Viking Empire 84,482 Armageddon
Abaddon Colmax Unknown Soldiers RED.Legion 82,279 Abaddon
Abaddon Silvarius Hounds Of War RED.Legion 79,836 Abaddon
Zealot Synthony Orion's Fist RED.Legion 78,411 Zealot
Abaddon spottington StarFleet Enterprises RED.Legion 78,018 Mega Pulse Laser II
Armageddon BILLFF Kasar Infinae Ares Protectiva 77,404 Armageddon
Abaddon mad loki The Green Cross Controlled Chaos 76,112 Mega Pulse Laser II
Armageddon Cosy Chair N0 APOLOGY Controlled Chaos 75,263 Armageddon
Abaddon Arkan Mathal Angelus.Mortis RED.Legion 74,363 Abaddon
Manticore Larger Top N0 APOLOGY Controlled Chaos 68,161 Nova Torpedo
Tempest Naab Lamerson Boiians Bloodbound. 68,110 Tempest
Armageddon Seha75 Eye of God Controlled Chaos 63,277 Armageddon
Hound Con'Rad The Rough Riders Ares Protectiva 60,054 Caldari Navy Nova Torpedo
Sacrilege Total Newbie Black Lance Controlled Chaos 57,105 Heavy Missile Launcher II
Abaddon Austyl Blue Sun. Ares Protectiva 53,321 Mega Pulse Laser II
Scorpion InsaneMonk3y Unknown Soldiers RED.Legion 50,673 Inferno Cruise Missile
Abaddon Yarda Black Orion's Fist RED.Legion 38,488 Abaddon
Onyx KRYSTOVLAD Babylon Knights Ares Protectiva 37,988 Heavy Missile Launcher II
Abaddon Mr Jesterman Black Lance Controlled Chaos 35,232 Abaddon
Damnation FUUUFA Trojan Trolls Controlled Chaos 31,103 Scourge Fury Heavy Missile
Damnation blade dancer Debitum Naturae RED.Legion 26,956 Nova Fury Heavy Missile
Damnation Shin'Wa Corsairs Inc. RED.Legion 25,439 Scourge Fury Heavy Missile
Armageddon Lt Reva Eye of God Controlled Chaos 23,771 Armageddon
Guardian Falrec Epsilon Lyr Ares Protectiva 23,748 Warrior II
Guardian Zara Daedra Epsilon Lyr Ares Protectiva 22,025 Hobgoblin II
Loki JockodiMinor Legion Du Lys Ares Protectiva 21,922 220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II
Rifter Eddiie Hooded Underworld Guys Order Of The Unforgiving 17,111 Rifter
Archon Elizmendi S0utherN Comfort Controlled Chaos 16,330 Dragonfly
Dramiel i hatenames StarFleet Enterprises RED.Legion 12,999 Warrior II
Capsule Shira Glazdon Hellfire Cult RED.Legion 12,191 Prototype 'Arbalest' Light Missile Launcher
Nemesis zacrone Babylon Knights Ares Protectiva 10,368 Inferno Torpedo
Hound Tihusha Free Space Tech Banderlogs Alliance 8,000 Shrapnel Bomb
Unknown Alitis Kontrakias Hounds Of War RED.Legion 7,738 Prototype 'Arbalest' Torpedo Launcher
Unknown Kolbosa Free Space Tech Banderlogs Alliance 7,680 Shrapnel Bomb
Hound ND Boo Free Space Tech Banderlogs Alliance 7,680 Shrapnel Bomb
Hound Matarka Uki Free Space Tech Banderlogs Alliance 7,680 Shrapnel Bomb
Unknown Darth Insectius Free Space Tech Banderlogs Alliance 7,680 Shrapnel Bomb
Unknown Rock n RoII Free Space Tech Banderlogs Alliance 7,040 Shrapnel Bomb
Unknown Gothic Girll Free Space Tech Banderlogs Alliance 6,400 Shrapnel Bomb
Manticore Solist 911 Free Space Tech Banderlogs Alliance 6,400 Shrapnel Bomb
Purifier Rimsky Zamkadish Free Space Tech Banderlogs Alliance 6,400 Shrapnel Bomb
Loki General Mikelaz Trojan Trolls Controlled Chaos 6,229 220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II
Malediction Lady Xantios ldiocracy RED.Legion 5,833 Mjolnir Javelin Rocket
Guardian Heiar Helmet Angelus.Mortis RED.Legion 5,105 Warrior II
Guardian alienv1 Auxilia Enterprises RED.Legion 4,737 Warrior II
Claw LooneyBandit Trojan Trolls Controlled Chaos 4,475 Inferno Rocket
Wolf Dante Borsod'Este Atlantide corp Ares Protectiva 3,610 200mm AutoCannon II
Guardian Tun'ga ldiocracy RED.Legion 3,593 Warrior II
Unknown Lugalbandak Vanguard Angels Controlled Chaos 2,980 'Arbalest' Cruise Launcher I
Hound malikiie StarFckers Inc. The Jagged Alliance 2,967 Caldari Navy Nova Torpedo
Guardian DarkBlade96 IX Legio Hispana Aquila Viking Empire 2,454 Warrior II
Guardian Duume Harda Unknown Soldiers RED.Legion 2,417 Warrior II
Guardian The Weedman Hellfire Cult RED.Legion 2,411 Warrior II
Guardian Ekatariny Trojan Trolls Controlled Chaos 1,673 Warrior II
Guardian Spacecat 1 Auxilia Enterprises RED.Legion 1,592 Warrior II
Proteus Synegry Pleasure and Pain Ares Protectiva 1,085 Proteus
Unknown bloodmoonfire Eye of God Controlled Chaos 763 Warp Disruptor I
Unknown Elric Moon Hounds Of War RED.Legion 305 150mm Light AutoCannon II
Guardian Lone Templar Erasers inc. Controlled Chaos 196 Acolyte II
Guardian Elder Khain Laika Intelligence Agency RED.Legion 170 Warrior II
Unknown Battle Hardened HELL.BOYS RED Citizens 151 Warp Scrambler II
Guardian Mr Mekko Hellfire Cult RED.Legion 142 Warrior II
Damnation L0NGH0RN Epsilon Lyr Ares Protectiva 0 Target Painter II
Guardian Rendaw The Green Cross Controlled Chaos 0 Peripheral Weapon Navigation Diameter
Guardian Onitashi nemesis 2.0 Ares Protectiva 0 Warrior II
Guardian ShaolinRocket Pleasure and Pain Ares Protectiva 0 Target Painter II
Guardian Frankol23pl N0 APOLOGY Controlled Chaos 0 Hornet EC-300
Flycatcher Aliisa White Trojan Trolls Controlled Chaos 0 Rocket Launcher II
Item Location Quantity Value

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Short FAQ

1. I get the Please enter your API key, this mail cannot be posted directly error!
If you get an error trying to manually post a killmail, please note: Super Capital ships, POS's, and kills that happened in FD-MLJ (system where PVP is allowed on the test server) require your full API. They cannot be manually posted. This is to improve killboard accuracy.

2. I'm on a killmail for a POS. Why can't I post it?
Your CEO or a director, the enemy CEO or one of their directors, the person who laid the final blow, or the victim must have their full API in the killboard, for a POS to post.

3. I can't post a killmail because it says item "unknown."
Check that the killmail is valid, generated from ingame and not copied from a 3rd party. It could be that CCP have released a patch and have not yet released a static data export to allow fan sites to recognize new items.

4. My ranking history shows a dot. Why doesn't it track my whole history?
The chart only tracks the movement of the top 10,000 entities in EVE. If you're not in the top 10,000, please return to the battlespace and win more fights.

5. Why do I have to register to view killmails?
This is necessary to deter hostile scraping, which consumes bandwidth that we have to pay for and (has) knocked the site offline. The good news is that it's easy to register for the site and we won't ever spam you or sell your email. We've been running for almost 10 years under this promise.

6. I have other concerns that are not addressed in this help tab. Where can I post them?
Here is the board you seek.

BattleClinic helps players Fight Smart®. The killboard's primary purpose is to help you learn more about your enemy. It also provides a combat history for your character(s). If you want more control over your stats and records, consider getting a Griefwatch board for yourself, your corp, or your alliance.

Fog of War
No killboard in existence, not even an "API-Only" killboard, is100% accurate. This is due to the nature of killmails and how they are distributed. BattleClinic (and most independent killboard operators, too) use our extensive experience with the game to make decisions about how we display stats and data, but we all are constrained by the limitations of the data CCP provides. Moreover, meta-gaming and in-game tricks by players contribute to some inaccurate data. We take steps (human and technology-based) and we cooperate with other player-run game sites to keep our data extremely accurate.

Improving Accuracy of Data
You can improve the accuracy of your statistics by entering your full api key. Don't worry, it's safe; your account, your isk, and your stuff cannot be accessed by anyone or any website by using your full api key. Don't believe the rumors and misinformation that exists out there: A full API key cannot be used to obtain control of your account.

We highly recommend that your corp CEO post their full API key (it's safe to do that here!) so that all of your corp's kills will show on the killboard.

Ranking and Points
BattleClinic uses a proprietary system to award points to kills (and to award negative points for losses). We do not disclose the formula, but we can tell you that skillful combat techniques are rewarded. In other words, you can't climb the ranks very quickly by sitting outside your POS and shooting Velators for a month.

Your ranking is based on your points compared to the points earned or lost by other players at a specific point in time. Due to the volume of killmails we process, we update standings weekly. Note that tens of thousands of other players are involved in combat as well as you; therefore somewhat significant swings in rankings can occur. For example, fleet fights can generate a thousand killmails or more. If several large fights occur within a short time period, they can statistically impact player rankings. In short, your ranking is not directly influence-able, since you're competing with tens of thousands of other players.

BattleClinic only tracks the ranking history of the top ten thousand pilots in EVE-Online. If you don't have a ranking history displayed, you're currently not in the top 10k.

ISK Values for Ships and Modules
We provide estimated values for the ships and modules that are destroyed in combat. These values are drawn from other community fansites who monitor the EVE Online markets and graciously share this information. BattleClinic has no control over these values.

In certain circumstances, BattleClinic makes some assumptions when assigning ISK values. For example, CCP does not differentiate BPOs from BPCs inside a killmail or via the API thread. Therefore, we display the ISK value for a BPO, even if the item destroyed was, in reality, a BPC. We revisit these assumptions from time to time and try to find ways to improve results.

Combat Record Tags
BattleClinic displays combat tags based on our analysis of your activity. These tags appear and disappear depending on your actions over time. These tags are not awards and are not permanent. They highlight recent noteworthy achievements.
Top 10k Pilot - Appears when your point total places you in the top 10,000 pilots in all of EVE-Online
Damage Dealer - Appears when your 7-day damage dealt to damage received ratio is significant.
Empire Dweller - Appears when your most recent final blows have occurred in Empire space (0.5 or above). Note that some pilots make references to "carebears" when discussing players who are based in Empire space.
LoSec Roamer - Appears when your most recent final blows have occurred in Low Security space (0.1 to 0.4). Roaming pirates are common in LoSec.
0.0 Pioneer - Appears when your most recent final blows have occurred in 0.0 space. Most Alliances are typically found in "nullsec" and most typically engage in taming (or contributing to) the lawless wilderness of 0.0.

Loss Mail Record Tags
These tags are not awards and are not permanent. They highlight recent noteworthy achievements.
Nemesis: Lights up on your loss record when the same pilot gets the final blow on you three or more times within 7 days.
100% Destruction: Lights up when all of your ship's modules are destroyed.
Empire Kill: Lights up when the kill occurs within Empire space.
Solo Kill: Lights up when the pilot who killed you did so without any assistance.

Removing Your Character from the Killboard
Occasionally BattleClinic receives requests to remove characters from the killboard, especially those with a losing record. Unfortunately this is an impossible task because one pilot's loss is another's kill. In addition, other killboards have feeds which could restore your character's appearance on BattleClinic. If you want a better showing on any killboard, achieve success in the battlespace.

Characters with Prior History
If you purchased your character from someone else, or you create a new character and discover that the name had been used previously, you may want the prior record removed. We understand: you'd like a 'clean slate' since it's your character now. Unfortunately this is not possible, because those previous kills and losses were legitimate, and are part of someone else's stats. There's no getting around the universal truth that all relationships come with prior baggage.