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XavierVE’s Nemesis was lost in X-R3NM (0.0) on 2010-05-31

Ship lost Nemesis
Points earned 0.25
Pilots involved 31
Damage dealt 544
Original value 31.78M
ISK Destroyed 26.00M
ISK Dropped 5.79M
Experimental ZW-4100 Torpedo Launcher
Experimental ZW-4100 Torpedo Launcher
Bomb Launcher I
Experimental ZW-4100 Torpedo Launcher
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
1MN Afterburner II
Warp Disruptor II
Cap Recharger II
Parallel Weapon Navigation Transmitter
Damage Control II
Overdrive Injector System II
Small Auxiliary Thrusters I
Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I
  • Victim
  • Elite pilot down

  • Final blow
  • Verified
Ship Pilot Corp Alliance Damage
Harbinger Shayna Brellis Neh'bu Kau Beh'Hude Ushra'Khan 321 Harbinger
Sabre Zippo Darkstar Trade Consortium Opticon Alliance 90 Sabre
Harbinger pilotsr Pwn 'N Play Chaos Theory Alliance 88 Focused Medium Pulse Laser II
Vagabond Doxana Clinically Insane Carebears Chaos Theory Alliance 45 220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II
Tempest Ratokus Universal Army Ushra'Khan 0 800mm Repeating Cannon II
Harbinger Am Li Dominion Gaming Opticon Alliance 0 Heavy Pulse Laser I
Hurricane charalambia Universal Army Ushra'Khan 0 720mm Howitzer Artillery II
Vexor Yun Kuai JCB Industries Chaos Theory Alliance 0 250mm Railgun II
Drake Deisu Darling Clinically Insane Carebears Chaos Theory Alliance 0 Heavy Missile Launcher II
Drake augustus napalm DAWGS Corp. Chaos Theory Alliance 0 Hornet EC-300
Arbitrator H'Jenn'Ra'T'Rang Minmatar Ship Construction Services Ushra'Khan 0 150mm Railgun I
Megathron SpotlessBlade Griefer-B-Gone Ushra'Khan 0 Neutron Blaster Cannon II
Rifter Darkness1NRW Junkyard Doggs Opticon Alliance 0 200mm Light Carbine Repeating Cannon I
Arazu Dip Lomat Neh'bu Kau Beh'Hude Ushra'Khan 0 Remote Sensor Dampener II
Stabber gingersteve The Clockwork Oranges Chaos Theory Alliance 0 220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II
Rifter 3c509 Minmatar Ship Construction Services Ushra'Khan 0 150mm Light AutoCannon II
Thrasher timmorn Neh'bu Kau Beh'Hude Ushra'Khan 0 200mm AutoCannon II
Armageddon ElvisLives Agony Unleashed Agony Empire 0 Dual Heavy Pulse Laser II
Tempest Tavor Jeager Masuat'aa Matari Ushra'Khan 0 800mm Repeating Cannon II
Megathron Svenjabi Xiang Jericho Fraction The Star Fraction 0 425mm Railgun II
Hurricane Teirna Mirkur Draug'Tyr Ushra'Khan 0 720mm Howitzer Artillery II
Heretic Pink Fuzz 4 wing Dara Cothrom 0 Rocket Launcher I
Sabre Sofai Agony Unleashed Agony Empire 0 125mm Gatling AutoCannon II
Onyx Trevor Majure Minmatar Ship Construction Services Ushra'Khan 0 Warp Disruption Field Generator I
Apocalypse admiral drakus 4 wing Dara Cothrom 0 Tachyon Beam Laser II
Purifier Zanzabez Roll The Dice Chaos Theory Alliance 0 Indirect Scanning Dampening Unit I
Tempest Lord Podgelark Sarz'na Khumatari Ushra'Khan 0 800mm Repeating Cannon II
Drake command marvs Clinically Insane Carebears Chaos Theory Alliance 0 Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Hurricane a newbie Endless Possibilities Inc. Ushra'Khan 0 Warp Disruptor II
Heretic Milo Grimblade Minmatar Ship Construction Services Ushra'Khan 0 125mm Gatling AutoCannon II
Sabre Christa Larne Mirkur Draug'Tyr Ushra'Khan 0 125mm Gatling AutoCannon II
Item Location Quantity Value
Experimental ZW-4100 Torpedo Launcher hiPower 2 2.02 Destroyed
Bomb Launcher I hiPower 1 1.84M Destroyed
Experimental ZW-4100 Torpedo Launcher hiPower 1 1.01 Dropped
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II hiPower 1 4.30M Dropped
1MN Afterburner II medPower 1 1.75M Destroyed
Warp Disruptor II medPower 1 1.13M Destroyed
Cap Recharger II medPower 1 450.00K Dropped
Parallel Weapon Navigation Transmitter medPower 1 212.35 Dropped
Damage Control II loPower 1 480.00K Destroyed
Overdrive Injector System II loPower 1 450.00K Dropped
Small Auxiliary Thrusters I rigSlot 1 320.00K Destroyed
Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I rigSlot 1 293.42K Destroyed
Caldari Navy Inferno Torpedo cargo 54 98.56K Destroyed
Scorch Bomb cargo 1 500.5 Destroyed
Caldari Navy Inferno Torpedo cargo 320 584.08K Dropped
Scorch Bomb cargo 2 1.00K Dropped

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Fog of War
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BattleClinic only tracks the ranking history of the top ten thousand pilots in EVE-Online. If you don't have a ranking history displayed, you're currently not in the top 10k.

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In certain circumstances, BattleClinic makes some assumptions when assigning ISK values. For example, CCP does not differentiate BPOs from BPCs inside a killmail or via the API thread. Therefore, we display the ISK value for a BPO, even if the item destroyed was, in reality, a BPC. We revisit these assumptions from time to time and try to find ways to improve results.

Combat Record Tags
BattleClinic displays combat tags based on our analysis of your activity. These tags appear and disappear depending on your actions over time. These tags are not awards and are not permanent. They highlight recent noteworthy achievements.
Top 10k Pilot - Appears when your point total places you in the top 10,000 pilots in all of EVE-Online
Damage Dealer - Appears when your 7-day damage dealt to damage received ratio is significant.
Empire Dweller - Appears when your most recent final blows have occurred in Empire space (0.5 or above). Note that some pilots make references to "carebears" when discussing players who are based in Empire space.
LoSec Roamer - Appears when your most recent final blows have occurred in Low Security space (0.1 to 0.4). Roaming pirates are common in LoSec.
0.0 Pioneer - Appears when your most recent final blows have occurred in 0.0 space. Most Alliances are typically found in "nullsec" and most typically engage in taming (or contributing to) the lawless wilderness of 0.0.

Loss Mail Record Tags
These tags are not awards and are not permanent. They highlight recent noteworthy achievements.
Nemesis: Lights up on your loss record when the same pilot gets the final blow on you three or more times within 7 days.
100% Destruction: Lights up when all of your ship's modules are destroyed.
Empire Kill: Lights up when the kill occurs within Empire space.
Solo Kill: Lights up when the pilot who killed you did so without any assistance.

Removing Your Character from the Killboard
Occasionally BattleClinic receives requests to remove characters from the killboard, especially those with a losing record. Unfortunately this is an impossible task because one pilot's loss is another's kill. In addition, other killboards have feeds which could restore your character's appearance on BattleClinic. If you want a better showing on any killboard, achieve success in the battlespace.

Characters with Prior History
If you purchased your character from someone else, or you create a new character and discover that the name had been used previously, you may want the prior record removed. We understand: you'd like a 'clean slate' since it's your character now. Unfortunately this is not possible, because those previous kills and losses were legitimate, and are part of someone else's stats. There's no getting around the universal truth that all relationships come with prior baggage.