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Battle report for Otela on April 11, 2012, 11:58:00 am

Total ships fielded: 52 Lost: 30
Total ISK destroyed: 198,299,516

Class Fielded Destroyed
Combat Battlecruiser 1 0
Destroyer 3 0
Frigate 47 28
Heavy Assault Cruiser 1 0
Rookie ship 2 2


Kills: 8
Damage done: 5,001
ISK destroyed: 102,880,215
Points: 24
Class Fielded Lost
Combat Battlecruiser 1 0
Destroyer 1 0
Frigate 24 21
Rookie ship 1 1
Corp participation Pilots
Blue Republic 27
Alliance participation Pilots
RvB - BLUE Republic 27


Kills: 22
Damage done: 15,104
ISK destroyed: 95,419,301
Points: 71
Class Fielded Lost
Destroyer 2 0
Frigate 23 7
Heavy Assault Cruiser 1 0
Rookie ship 1 1
Corp participation Pilots
Red Federation 25
Alliance participation Pilots
RvB - RED Federation 25