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Battle report for Hageken on February 19, 2012, 09:54:00 am

Total ships fielded: 32 Lost: 30
Total ISK destroyed: 319,410,540

Class Fielded Destroyed
Cruiser 11 6
Destroyer 10 7
Frigate 15 14


Kills: 8
Damage done: 12,219
ISK destroyed: 102,855,723
Points: 27
Class Fielded Lost
Cruiser 6 4
Destroyer 8 6
Frigate 9 9
Corp participation Pilots
Red Federation 19
Alliance participation Pilots
RvB - RED Federation 19


Kills: 19
Damage done: 42,908
ISK destroyed: 216,554,817
Points: 129
Class Fielded Lost
Cruiser 5 2
Destroyer 2 1
Frigate 6 5
Corp participation Pilots
Blue Republic 13
Alliance participation Pilots
RvB - BLUE Republic 13