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Battle report for J7YR-1 on January 16, 2012, 07:53:00 am

Total ships fielded: 11 Lost: 6
Total ISK destroyed: 311,928,609

Class Fielded Destroyed
Attack Battlecruiser 1 0
Combat Battlecruiser 4 1
Covert Ops 1 1
Interdictor 2 1
Stealth Bomber 3 3


Kills: 3
Damage done: 1,812
ISK destroyed: 216,418,959
Points: 14
Class Fielded Lost
Covert Ops 1 1
Stealth Bomber 2 2
Corp participation Pilots
Cataclysm Enterprises 2
Free-Space-Ranger 1
Alliance participation Pilots
Ev0ke 3


Kills: 3
Damage done: 4,324
ISK destroyed: 95,509,651
Points: 12
Class Fielded Lost
Attack Battlecruiser 1 0
Combat Battlecruiser 4 1
Interdictor 2 1
Stealth Bomber 1 1
Corp participation Pilots
Amok. 1
The X-Trading Company 1
Enlightened Industries 1
Celestial Argonauts 1
Stargate SG-1 1
Nemesis Syndicate 1
Chaos Mercenaries 1
Free Masons United Inc. 1
Alliance participation Pilots
Goonswarm Federation 1
RAZOR Alliance 1
Test Alliance Please Ignore 1
Fatal Ascension 1
Ewoks 1
Fidelas Constans 1