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Ship Title Ship Class Race
Scimitar: Incursion fit
Incursion fit Scimitar Logistics Minmatar
Dominix Navy Issue: Fit for Jeff
Fit for Jeff Dominix Navy Issue Faction Battleships Gallente
Golem: Solo PvE 4lvl 886DPS CapStab
Solo PvE 4lvl 886DPS CapSta Golem Marauders Caldari
raven 4
raven 4 Raven Standard Battleships Caldari

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Battle report for Otanuomi on January 03, 2012, 11:51:00 am

Total ships fielded: 5 Lost: 3
Total ISK destroyed: 63,951,491

Class Fielded Destroyed
Combat Battlecruiser 2 0
Industrial 2 2
Stealth Bomber 1 1


Kills: 2
Damage done: 0
ISK destroyed: 56,356,311
Points: 8
Class Fielded Lost
Industrial 1 1
Corp participation Pilots
Missions Mining and Mayhem 1
Alliance participation Pilots
Northern Coalition. 1


Kills: 1
Damage done: 3,868
ISK destroyed: 7,595,180
Points: 1
Class Fielded Lost
Combat Battlecruiser 2 0
Industrial 1 1
Stealth Bomber 1 1
Corp participation Pilots
Cesars Legion 1
Cesars 13th Legion 1
Air 1
Alliance participation Pilots
Rolling Thunder. 2
Cascade Imminent 1