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Item database / Module / Micro Jump Drive / Large Micro Jump Drive


Large Micro Jump Drive

Large Micro Jump Drive
The Micro Jump Drive is a module that spools up, then jumps the ship forward 100km in the direction it is facing. Upon arrival, the ship maintains its direction and velocity. Warp scramblers can be used to disrupt the module. Spool up time is reduced by the skill Micro Jump Drive Operation.

The Micro Jump Drive was developed by Duvolle Laboratories Advanced Manifold Theory Unit. The drive was conceived by the late Avagher Xarasier, the genius behind several ground-breaking innovations of that era.


powergrid usage 1375 MW
CPU usage 77 tf
Can be fitted to 27 groupID
Can be fitted to 898 groupID
Can be fitted to 900 groupID


Structure Hitpoints 40 HP


activation cost 786 GJ


Activation time / duration 12 s
Tech Level 1 Level
Meta Level 1 Level
Reactivation Delay 180 s
Signature radius bonus 150 %
Cannot Auto Repeat 1 1=True 0=False
Max Modules Of This Group Allowed 1
  • Micro Jump Drive Operation - 1
  • Navigation - 4
  • Warp Drive Operation - 2