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Item database / Module / Damage Control / Damage Control II


Damage Control II

Damage Control II
Utilizes a combination of containment field emitters and redundancy systems to prevent critical system damage.

Grants a bonus to resistance for shield, armor and hull.

Only one Damage Control can be activated at a given time.


powergrid usage 1 MW
CPU usage 30 tf


Shield EM Damage Resistance -12.5 %
Shield Explosive Damage Resistance -12.5 %
Shield Kinetic Damage Resistance -12.5 %
Shield Thermal Damage Resistance -12.5 %


Armor EM Damage Resistance -15 %
Armor Explosive Damage Resistance -15 %
Armor Kinetic Damage Resistance -15 %
Armor Thermal Damage Resistance -15 %


Structure Hitpoints 40 HP
Structure EM Damage Resistance -60 %
Structure Explosive Damage Resistance -60 %
Structure Kinetic Damage Resistance -60 %
Structure Thermal Damage Resistance -60 %


activation cost 1 GJ


Activation time / duration 30 s
Tech Level 2 Level
Meta Level 5 Level
Max Modules Of This Group Allowed 1
  • Hull Upgrades - 4
  • Mechanics - 1

Tech I

Damage Control I
Damage Control I 0
Emergency Damage Control I
Emergency Damage Control I 1
F85 Peripheral Damage System I
F85 Peripheral Damage System I 2
Pseudoelectron Containment Field I
Pseudoelectron Containment Field I 3
Internal Force Field Array I
Internal Force Field Array I 4

Tech II

Damage Control II
Damage Control II 5


'Gonzo' Damage Control I
'Gonzo' Damage Control I 6
'Radical' Damage Control I
'Radical' Damage Control I 7