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Ship Title Ship Class Race
Cynabal: X-202
X-202 Cynabal Faction Cruisers Minmatar
Stratios Nullsec Hunter
Stratios Nullsec Hunter Stratios Faction Cruisers Gallente
Skiff: Ice Buffed
Ice Buffed Skiff Mining Barges ORE
Highsec hard truck proteus
Highsec hard truck proteus Proteus Strategic Cruisers Gallente

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Item database / Implant / Booster / Improved Blue Pill Booster


Improved Blue Pill Booster

Improved Blue Pill Booster
This booster relaxes a pilot's ability to control certain shield functions, among other things. It creates a temporary feeling of euphoria that counteracts the unpleasantness inherent in activating shield boosters, and permits the pilot to force the boosters to better performance without suffering undue pain.


Shield Boost Bonus 25 %


Booster Duration 1800 s
Booster Slot 1 Slot
Chance of Side Effect 0.3 %
Shield Capacity Penalty -25 %
Turret Optimal Range Penalty -25 %
Explosion Velocity Penalty -25 %
Capacitor Capacity Penalty -25 %
  • Biology - 2
  • Science - 1