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Recent Loadouts

Ship Title Ship Class Race
Incursus: burner mission
burner mission Incursus Standard Frigates Gallente
Tengu: Gurista HAM
Gurista HAM Tengu Strategic Cruisers Caldari
Hawk: Angel Burner Counter
Angel Burner Counter Hawk Assault Frigates Caldari
Buzzard Exploration Fit (Null/Lowsec)
Buzzard Exploration Fit (Nul Buzzard Covert Ops Caldari

Shop: Deep Space Supply

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Item database / Module / Rig Resource Processing


  Type Value Compare
Capital Salvage Tackle I
Capital Salvage Tackle I 70,000,000
Capital Salvage Tackle II
Capital Salvage Tackle II 82,849
Large Salvage Tackle I
Large Salvage Tackle I 13,900,000
Large Salvage Tackle II
Large Salvage Tackle II 102,000,000
Medium Ice Harvester Accelerator I
Medium Ice Harvester Accelerator I 1,979,990
Medium Mercoxit Mining Crystal Optimization I
Medium Mercoxit Mining Crystal Optimization I 1,750,000
Medium Salvage Tackle I
Medium Salvage Tackle I 2,898,850
Medium Salvage Tackle II
Medium Salvage Tackle II 26,999,400
Small Salvage Tackle I
Small Salvage Tackle I 798,600
Small Salvage Tackle II
Small Salvage Tackle II 14,444,400