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Recent Loadouts

Ship Title Ship Class Race
Vindicator: Vindi
Vindi Vindicator Faction Battleships Gallente
Vexor: High-Sec Explor-Combat
High-Sec Explor-Combat Vexor Standard Cruisers Gallente
Talos: Ratting(Angel spec)
Ratting(Angel spec) Talos Standard Battlecruisers Gallente
Garmur: Anomic Team killer
Anomic Team killer Garmur Faction Frigates Caldari

Shop: Deep Space Supply

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Item database / Module / Rig Resource Processing


  Type Value Compare
Capital Salvage Tackle I
Capital Salvage Tackle I 54,000,000
Capital Salvage Tackle II
Capital Salvage Tackle II 100
Large Salvage Tackle I
Large Salvage Tackle I 13,900,000
Large Salvage Tackle II
Large Salvage Tackle II 30,000,000
Medium Ice Harvester Accelerator I
Medium Ice Harvester Accelerator I 1,444,400
Medium Mercoxit Mining Crystal Optimization I
Medium Mercoxit Mining Crystal Optimization I 1,599,890
Medium Salvage Tackle I
Medium Salvage Tackle I 2,790,000
Medium Salvage Tackle II
Medium Salvage Tackle II 29,997,900
Small Salvage Tackle I
Small Salvage Tackle I 778,000
Small Salvage Tackle II
Small Salvage Tackle II 7,845,630