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Recent Loadouts

Ship Title Ship Class Race
Scimitar: Incursion fit
Incursion fit Scimitar Logistics Minmatar
Dominix Navy Issue: Fit for Jeff
Fit for Jeff Dominix Navy Issue Faction Battleships Gallente
Golem: Solo PvE 4lvl 886DPS CapStab
Solo PvE 4lvl 886DPS CapSta Golem Marauders Caldari
raven 4
raven 4 Raven Standard Battleships Caldari

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Item database / Drone / Combat Drone


  Type Value Compare
'Augmented' Acolyte
'Augmented' Acolyte 6,000,020
'Augmented' Berserker
'Augmented' Berserker 34,000,000
'Augmented' Hammerhead
'Augmented' Hammerhead 13,500,000
'Augmented' Hobgoblin
'Augmented' Hobgoblin 12,000,000
'Augmented' Hornet
'Augmented' Hornet 11,500,000
'Augmented' Infiltrator
'Augmented' Infiltrator 539,552
'Augmented' Ogre
'Augmented' Ogre 49,000,000
'Augmented' Praetor
'Augmented' Praetor 75,536
'Augmented' Valkyrie
'Augmented' Valkyrie 10,900,000
'Augmented' Vespa
'Augmented' Vespa 6,899,990
'Augmented' Warrior
'Augmented' Warrior 30,000,000
'Augmented' Wasp
'Augmented' Wasp 40,000,000
'Integrated' Acolyte
'Integrated' Acolyte 228,999
'Integrated' Berserker
'Integrated' Berserker 599,999
'Integrated' Hammerhead
'Integrated' Hammerhead 449,999
'Integrated' Hobgoblin
'Integrated' Hobgoblin 640,000
'Integrated' Hornet
'Integrated' Hornet 690,000
'Integrated' Infiltrator
'Integrated' Infiltrator 220,000
'Integrated' Ogre
'Integrated' Ogre 1,349,000
'Integrated' Praetor
'Integrated' Praetor 1,090,000
'Integrated' Valkyrie
'Integrated' Valkyrie 220,000
'Integrated' Vespa
'Integrated' Vespa 659,997
'Integrated' Warrior
'Integrated' Warrior 199,999
'Integrated' Wasp
'Integrated' Wasp 1,748,960
Acolyte I
Acolyte I 3,405
Acolyte II
Acolyte II 188,000
Berserker I
Berserker I 56,006
Berserker II
Berserker II 625,000
Bouncer I
Bouncer I 145,434
Bouncer II
Bouncer II 989,503
Caldari Navy Hornet
Caldari Navy Hornet 1,405,000
Caldari Navy Vespa
Caldari Navy Vespa 2,659,780
Caldari Navy Warden
Caldari Navy Warden 3,744,000
Caldari Navy Wasp
Caldari Navy Wasp 3,400,000
Civilian Hobgoblin
Civilian Hobgoblin 2,500
Curator I
Curator I 149,958
Curator II
Curator II 1,004,900
Federation Navy Garde
Federation Navy Garde 3,175,000
Federation Navy Hammerhead
Federation Navy Hammerhead 2,050,000
Federation Navy Hobgoblin
Federation Navy Hobgoblin 1,511,000
Federation Navy Ogre
Federation Navy Ogre 2,599,010
Garde I
Garde I 148,997
Garde II
Garde II 942,492
Gecko 50,000
Hammerhead I
Hammerhead I 26,916
Hammerhead II
Hammerhead II 619,997
Hellhound I
Hellhound I 70,000
Hobgoblin I
Hobgoblin I 5,065
Hobgoblin II
Hobgoblin II 412,000
Hornet I
Hornet I 4,955
Hornet II
Hornet II 320,773
Imperial Navy Acolyte
Imperial Navy Acolyte 1,000,000
Imperial Navy Curator
Imperial Navy Curator 2,375,000
Imperial Navy Infiltrator
Imperial Navy Infiltrator 974,000
Imperial Navy Praetor
Imperial Navy Praetor 1,870,000
Infiltrator I
Infiltrator I 27,799
Infiltrator II
Infiltrator II 331,000
Ogre I
Ogre I 68,000
Ogre II
Ogre II 852,989
Praetor I
Praetor I 69,027
Praetor II
Praetor II 794,601
Republic Fleet Berserker
Republic Fleet Berserker 2,500,000
Republic Fleet Bouncer
Republic Fleet Bouncer 2,838,990
Republic Fleet Valkyrie
Republic Fleet Valkyrie 1,800,000
Republic Fleet Warrior
Republic Fleet Warrior 1,574,880
Tutorial Attack Drone
Tutorial Attack Drone 10
Valkyrie I
Valkyrie I 29,092
Valkyrie II
Valkyrie II 567,975
Vespa I
Vespa I 32,900
Vespa II
Vespa II 349,999
Warden I
Warden I 149,994
Warden II
Warden II 1,057,000
Warrior I
Warrior I 9,010
Warrior II
Warrior II 431,101
Wasp I
Wasp I 62,604
Wasp II
Wasp II 979,996