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Recent Loadouts

Ship Title Ship Class Race
Golem - Cheap Level 4
Golem - Cheap Level 4 Golem Marauders Caldari
Lachesis: Scram kiter
Scram kiter Lachesis Recon Ships Gallente
Confessor: For Tourism, Travel, and Non-Invasive Exploration (IDGAF)
For Tourism, Travel, and No Confessor Tactical Destroyers Amarr
Ares - experimental sniper
Ares - experimental sniper Ares Interceptors Gallente

Shop: Deep Space Supply

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Item database / Drone / Combat Drone


  Type Value Compare
'Augmented' Acolyte
'Augmented' Acolyte 22,600,000
'Augmented' Berserker
'Augmented' Berserker 30,000,000
'Augmented' Hammerhead
'Augmented' Hammerhead 31,006,000
'Augmented' Hobgoblin
'Augmented' Hobgoblin 12,500,000
'Augmented' Hornet
'Augmented' Hornet 45,000,000
'Augmented' Infiltrator
'Augmented' Infiltrator 30,000,000
'Augmented' Ogre
'Augmented' Ogre 52,995,800
'Augmented' Praetor
'Augmented' Praetor 32,500
'Augmented' Valkyrie
'Augmented' Valkyrie 42,000,000
'Augmented' Vespa
'Augmented' Vespa 90,000,000
'Augmented' Warrior
'Augmented' Warrior 35,000,000
'Augmented' Wasp
'Augmented' Wasp 31,000
'Integrated' Acolyte
'Integrated' Acolyte 307,077
'Integrated' Berserker
'Integrated' Berserker 839,999
'Integrated' Hammerhead
'Integrated' Hammerhead 490,000
'Integrated' Hobgoblin
'Integrated' Hobgoblin 638,999
'Integrated' Hornet
'Integrated' Hornet 668,997
'Integrated' Infiltrator
'Integrated' Infiltrator 624,703
'Integrated' Ogre
'Integrated' Ogre 874,999
'Integrated' Praetor
'Integrated' Praetor 987,999
'Integrated' Valkyrie
'Integrated' Valkyrie 395,000
'Integrated' Vespa
'Integrated' Vespa 997,996
'Integrated' Warrior
'Integrated' Warrior 314,998
'Integrated' Wasp
'Integrated' Wasp 2,111,040
Acolyte I
Acolyte I 5,300
Acolyte II
Acolyte II 328,980
Berserker I
Berserker I 58,937
Berserker II
Berserker II 699,990
Bouncer I
Bouncer I 143,750
Bouncer II
Bouncer II 989,910
Caldari Navy Hornet
Caldari Navy Hornet 2,785,000
Caldari Navy Vespa
Caldari Navy Vespa 2,500,000
Caldari Navy Warden
Caldari Navy Warden 3,649,980
Caldari Navy Wasp
Caldari Navy Wasp 3,050,000
Civilian Hobgoblin
Civilian Hobgoblin 2,500
Curator I
Curator I 145,195
Curator II
Curator II 1,049,990
Federation Navy Garde
Federation Navy Garde 3,497,000
Federation Navy Hammerhead
Federation Navy Hammerhead 2,250,000
Federation Navy Hobgoblin
Federation Navy Hobgoblin 1,779,890
Federation Navy Ogre
Federation Navy Ogre 2,900,000
Garde I
Garde I 141,999
Garde II
Garde II 903,635
Gecko 17,380,000
Hammerhead I
Hammerhead I 27,110
Hammerhead II
Hammerhead II 627,999
Hellhound I
Hellhound I 70,000
Hobgoblin I
Hobgoblin I 5,500
Hobgoblin II
Hobgoblin II 414,715
Hornet I
Hornet I 5,017
Hornet II
Hornet II 412,853
Imperial Navy Acolyte
Imperial Navy Acolyte 1,111,090
Imperial Navy Curator
Imperial Navy Curator 2,900,000
Imperial Navy Infiltrator
Imperial Navy Infiltrator 2,329,800
Imperial Navy Praetor
Imperial Navy Praetor 3,985,000
Infiltrator I
Infiltrator I 27,001
Infiltrator II
Infiltrator II 524,016
Ogre I
Ogre I 59,999
Ogre II
Ogre II 818,825
Praetor I
Praetor I 72,007
Praetor II
Praetor II 961,885
Republic Fleet Berserker
Republic Fleet Berserker 1,709,990
Republic Fleet Bouncer
Republic Fleet Bouncer 2,178,940
Republic Fleet Valkyrie
Republic Fleet Valkyrie 1,259,990
Republic Fleet Warrior
Republic Fleet Warrior 1,139,990
Tutorial Attack Drone
Tutorial Attack Drone 10
Valkyrie I
Valkyrie I 37,900
Valkyrie II
Valkyrie II 620,000
Vespa I
Vespa I 38,295
Vespa II
Vespa II 389,798
Warden I
Warden I 140,000
Warden II
Warden II 938,014
Warrior I
Warrior I 8,900
Warrior II
Warrior II 419,835
Wasp I
Wasp I 58,603
Wasp II
Wasp II 996,613