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Recent Loadouts

Ship Title Ship Class Race
Procurer Null Sec
Procurer Null Sec Procurer Mining Barges ORE
30 mil t1 fitting Drake
30 mil t1 fitting Drake Drake Standard Battlecruisers Caldari
Scimitar: Incursion fit
Incursion fit Scimitar Logistics Minmatar
Dominix Navy Issue: Fit for Jeff
Fit for Jeff Dominix Navy Issue Faction Battleships Gallente

Shop: Deep Space Supply

  • Eve 60day Timecode
    60 Day EVE Game Time Code

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  • Eve 30day CD Key
    30 Day EVE CD Key

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  • CSM9 Voting is Now Open
    CSM9 Voting is Now Open

    Everyone's Favorite Time of Year! Voting for the 9th Council of Stellar Management (CSM9...

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  • This is (Team) Security
    This is (Team) Security

    By CCP Security   Dear honorable citizens of New Eden. It’s been a while since our ...

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  • Community Spotlight: K162 Space
    Community Spotlight: K162 Space

    One of the most overlooked aspects of EVE Online is the market. The men and women who pro...

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  • Developer Spotlight: Rise
    Developer Spotlight: Rise

    Hello everyone, this is CCP Eterne. Over the years, several famous players have joined CC...

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  • New Player Training Sessions: PvP Track
    New Player Training Sessions: PvP Track

    The New Player Training Sessions have been a great success thus far. Twice weekly, up to...

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  • Mineral Trade in the Wake of the Battle of B-R5RB (Price Indices - February 2014)
    Mineral Trade in the Wake of the Battle of B-R5RB (Price Indices - February 2014)

    The price indices for February 2014 have been calculated. All the main indices show defla...

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Announcements & Contests

  • [WANTED!] Your talent - on a massive scale!
    [WANTED!] Your talent - o...

    Your talent - on a massive scale!BattleClinic Inc. is seeking an accomplished UI developer...

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  • Dust 514 - Beta key giveaway
    Dust 514 - Beta key givea...

    I have two beta keys to give away.They are only valid for the beta event which runs July 2...

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  • Calling artists of Eve
    Calling artists of Eve

    Im looking for someone to do some background artworks for me. Payment is in ISK.If you are...

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  • SghnDubh @ FanFest - Who needs a CEO
    SghnDubh @ FanFest - Who ...

    Here is SghnDubhs presentation from FanFest 2011[youtube]http://

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  • BattleClinic passes the 13 million killmail mark
    BattleClinic passes the 1...

    http://eve.battleclinic.c om/killboard/killmail.php ?id=13000000We are now officially over...

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  • Chat channels
    Chat channels

    Join us in-game in "BattleClinic Public" or over on coldfront IRC #BattleClinic.T alk dire...

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