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Recent Loadouts

Ship Title Ship Class Race
Malediction: Maleswarm
Maleswarm Malediction Interceptors Amarr
Exequror Navy Issue: 940 DPS Dual Web
940 DPS Dual Web Exequror Navy Issue Faction Cruisers Gallente
Taranis - Homing Lightning
Taranis - Homing Lightning Taranis Interceptors Gallente
PVP closerange enyo
PVP closerange enyo Enyo Assault Frigates Gallente

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  • Eve 60day Timecode
    60 Day EVE Game Time Code

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  • Eve 30day CD Key
    30 Day EVE CD Key

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  • CSM9 Voting is Now Open
    CSM9 Voting is Now Open

    Everyone's Favorite Time of Year! Voting for the 9th Council of Stellar Management (CSM9...

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  • This is (Team) Security
    This is (Team) Security

    By CCP Security   Dear honorable citizens of New Eden. It’s been a while since our ...

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  • Community Spotlight: K162 Space
    Community Spotlight: K162 Space

    One of the most overlooked aspects of EVE Online is the market. The men and women who pro...

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  • Developer Spotlight: Rise
    Developer Spotlight: Rise

    Hello everyone, this is CCP Eterne. Over the years, several famous players have joined CC...

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  • New Player Training Sessions: PvP Track
    New Player Training Sessions: PvP Track

    The New Player Training Sessions have been a great success thus far. Twice weekly, up to...

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  • Mineral Trade in the Wake of the Battle of B-R5RB (Price Indices - February 2014)
    Mineral Trade in the Wake of the Battle of B-R5RB (Price Indices - February 2014)

    The price indices for February 2014 have been calculated. All the main indices show defla...

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Announcements & Contests

  • [WANTED!] Your talent - on a massive scale!
    [WANTED!] Your talent - o...

    Your talent - on a massive scale!BattleClinic Inc. is seeking an accomplished UI developer...

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  • Dust 514 - Beta key giveaway
    Dust 514 - Beta key givea...

    I have two beta keys to give away.They are only valid for the beta event which runs July 2...

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  • Calling artists of Eve
    Calling artists of Eve

    Im looking for someone to do some background artworks for me. Payment is in ISK.If you are...

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  • SghnDubh @ FanFest - Who needs a CEO
    SghnDubh @ FanFest - Who ...

    Here is SghnDubhs presentation from FanFest 2011[youtube]http://

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  • BattleClinic passes the 13 million killmail mark
    BattleClinic passes the 1...

    http://eve.battleclinic.c om/killboard/killmail.php ?id=13000000We are now officially over...

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  • Chat channels
    Chat channels

    Join us in-game in "BattleClinic Public" or over on coldfront IRC #BattleClinic.T alk dire...

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